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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 1. p. 221
V.S. Okolotin, D.S.Safolov Measures of the Soviet State to strengthen labor discipline and their implementation at textile enterprises of the Ivanovo region (1939–1942) E.Yu. Volkova, G.Yu. Volkov One victory for all: Kostroma Region – for Stalingrad A.N. Moiseev Formation of spare parts and units on the territory of the Middle Volga region during the civil war by army and local military administration bodies Yu.S. Nikiforov Functionality and mentality of the leaders of soviet production in the upper Volga regions (1960–80s): the potential of sources and key characteristics S.Y. Alibekov, S.A. Kabatov, E.A. Kabatova, S.A. Kurochkina Analysis of rings made of non-ferrous metals and metal ornaments of the village of Vezha A.E. Vinogradov Gotland in the context of the Varange legend of the Tale of Bygone years E.V. Batunaev The «Mongolian Question» in Soviet-Chinese Relations (1921–1925) D.I. Sazonov The contribution of Priest Pavel Florensky to the idea of the renewal of the Church as a historical perspective
V.G. Andreeva Correspondence between Leo Tolstoy and Nikolay Nekrasov: on the correspondents’ first and significant misunderstanding N.G. Koptelova Interpretation of the image of garden in the collection of poems “Embarcation for Cythera” by Georgy Ivanov (1911) A.V. Toporova On Dante’s Afterworld M.R. Nenarokova The image of the interpreter and his “Living Emblems” in “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan and its adaptations for the contemporary readers (the 17 th – the 20 th centuries): on the issue of text evolution O.A. Ovcharenko Peculiarities of heteronymy in the lyrics by Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa A.P. Sklizkova Problems of fate and free will in Hauptmann’s “Iphigenia in Delphi” drama V.V. Koroleva, A.R. Pritomskaya “E. T. A. Hoffmann complex” in the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind O.V. Dreifeld The concept of ‟void” in the Sasha Krugosvetov`s novel ‟Candide’s Happiness” (comparative analysis) N.A. Vorozhtsova The seasons in the cycle of the poems “About Natureˮ by Konstantin Sluchevsky: the author’s concept of the universe
L.D. Bednarskaya Syntactic relations – values – functions A.R. Popova Transformation of phraseological semantics in the title position (in terms of the texts of the poetic genre of poemphrase) I.Yu. Tretyakova, E.V. Kudryavtseva Phraseological images in terms of occasional variability of idioms E.B. Volkova, V.L. Korotun Complex sentences of heterogeneous subordination with one conditional component in the scientific style of the Russian language (based on texts of mathematical works) Ju.A. Vasileva Structural and semantic characteristics of replica ergonyms in the onomasticon of the City of Astrakhan
E.I. Bogdanova, G.G. Bril’, I.N. Melnikov Stages of formation of legislation on notary activity in Russia A.N. Metelkov Understanding the legality of nuclear facility shelling in contemporary legal scholarship A.A. Usacheva Historical and legal features of the formation of the state sovereignty of Donetsk People’s Republic in 1917–1919 V.A. Silantyeva Legal regulation of the funeral process in Russia during the 18 th –19 th centuries epidemics P.V. Shirokova On the issue of the use of information systems in the activities of the prosecutor A.A. Medvedchuk Media as an institution of legal informing the population of Russia F.T. Akhunzianova Fake nature of information: on the question of the limits of the competence of expert linguist
F.Ya. Khabibullina, I.G. Ivanova Mari story of the second half of the XX century in the mirror of genre poetics