Ol’ga A. Grimova
The Kuban State University
The "quest narrative" receptive model in Mikhail Shishkin’s story "Blind musician"
Grimova O.A. The "quest narrative" receptive model in Mikhail Shishkin’s story "Blind musician". Vestnik of Kostroma State University, 2020, vol. 26, № 1, pp. 160–165 (In Russ.). DOI 10.34216/1998-0817-2020-26-1-160-165
DOI: 10.34216/1998-0817-2020-26-1-160-165
УДК: 821.161.1.09”20”
Publish date: 2021-04-16
Annotation: The article is devoted to the study of the receptive model of Mikhail Shishkin’s prose. The material of the story "Blind Musician" explores the mechanisms by which the text "routes" readers’ perception. This narrative can be considered to be "quest narrative", decoding which, a reader relies on various kinds of keys. One of the most significant is the title, which is possible to interpret in terms of various contexts. Literary one leads us to an obvious comparison of the modern text with the Vladimir Korolenko’s famous story "The Blind Musician". Mythological one suggests correlation with ancient and Christian plots. Within the philosophical framework it is possible to establish a correlation of Mikhail Shishkin’s ideas with the teachings of Gnostics and Pythagoreans. Taking into account each of the listed semiotic codes allows a new decoding of the reference assignment of the sign put into the title. Thus, the "blind musician" turns out not only to be physically blind Roman, but also Evgenia, who needs to become mentally "blind" in order to continue to love, to be a "musician". The analysis revealed the peculiarities of the narrative organisation of Mikhail Shishkin’s text. The level of presentation of the narration turns out to be more important than the plot itself, there is a reconsideration of the main narrative instances, and the clear certainty of the subject of speech is lost.
Keywords: reception of fiction, narration, Mikhail Shishkin’s prose, narrative-quest, narrator, heading, event.
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Author's info: Ol’ga A. Grimova, ORCID: 0000-0003-0691-1078, Candidate of Philology, lecturer at the Department of History of Russian Literature, Theory of Literature and criticism of the Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia. E-mail: astra_vesperia@mail.ru