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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 3. p. 232
A.E. Vinogradov Cross-shaped pendants of the ‟Scandinavian” type as markers of ethno-cultural processes: a new look at an old problem F.A. Seleznev The foundation of monastery in Gorodets, dedicated to Theodore Stratelates, in the church historiography of the 19th to the early 20th centuries A.K. Gladkov The union of virtues, wise king and idea of political community in Policraticus by John of Salisbury Ye.L. Sarayeva Sergei Witte in the estimates of Vasily Maklakov A.M. Belov, O.Yu. Galinskaya On the level of literacy of the population Kostroma and Yaroslavl provinces in the late 19th – early 20th centuries A.N. Rodionov Strengthening the Red Army in the proceedings of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars during the Civil War V.S. Belgorodsky, S.G. Dembitsky, V.S. Okolotin Organisation of the production of shells, mines and cotton pulp at the enterprises of the People’s Commissariat of the Textile Industry of the USSR in the first half of 1943 A.K. Akkuzinov History of formation in Kazakhstan and the combat path of the 310th Infantry Division during the Soviet-German War (1941-1945) I.A. Timoshina Sex and age composition of the population of Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions the 1980s Enkhbat Ochhuu Historical aspects of the origin and formation of military and political relations between Mongolia (Mongolian People’s Republic) and Russia (the USSR) (1860–1939)
Yu.L. Sapozhnikova The consideration of religious topic through a system of characters in the novel “The Round House” by Karen Louise Erdrich K.M. Baranova, N.S. Shalimova The theme of maturation in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Nelle Harper Lee N.S. Kurnikova, E.N. Zasetskova Stylistic peculiarities of Edgar Poe’s and Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s gothic novellas E.V. Vasileva Mythologems of English vampire fiction in Stephen Edwin King’s ‘Salem’s Lot N.V. Lashtabova Time in the novel “The Snake’s Pass” by Bram Stoker as a plot-forming element A.S. Bokarev, Yu.V. Adrian Autobiographical myth by Igor Kholin in the context of Soviet discourse (based on the novel “Cats and Mice”) V.D. Gavrilenko The image of the taiga in the ballads of Leonid Zaval’nyuk E.E. Andreyanova Classification of subject-spatial models of modern innovative poetry: variants and functional characteristics
A.I. Trubkina Emotive dominants of literary text: functional status T.G. Voloshina, S.M. Profatilova, D.M. Kostina, A.N. Luhanina Language and cultural creolisation in Nigerian script texts N.A. Cherkasova On the issue of formal assimilation of Anglicism nouns in the genus category of the German language system and its national variants D.V. Zhabin, V.Ju. Ivanova Psycholinguistic analysis of speech processing under pathophysiological (traumatic) stress factor Yu.A. Karaulova, E.A. Antyukhova Agonal strategies in the American election campaign discourse (a case study of the political debates of the 2023 Republican primary candidates) L.E. Ilyina Destructive elements of post-folklore: linguistic and cultural context
V.V. Gruzdev, T.G. Mineeva On medieval (the 14th to 15th centuries) Maghreb countries’ court Yu.G. Arzamasov, V.Yu. Arzamasov Corruption: contemporary subjects signs, concept K.V. Cherkasov Deprivation of a person’s academic degree: on the issue of uncertainty of some legal consequences V.L. Volfson On the issue of negative obligations in the civil law O.V. Polstovalov, R.R. Galyautdinov Organised forms of online fraud: types, content and elements of forensic characteristics R.O. Zuev, A.N. Nadin On the issue of legislative regulation of the status of federal territories in the Russian Federation Yu.G. Serova Publicly available information on the creditworthiness of individuals in the Russian Empire (historical and legal analysis)