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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 3. p. 286
M.V. Osmachenko Tsar Ivan Alekseyevich and his entourage A.O. Verbovoy Russian river military flotillas in the repulsion of the French invasion of 1812 T.A. Kovrov, V.S. Okolotin From the history of the economic justification and opening of the branch of the State Bank in the town of Kineshma in the early 20th century A.N. Moiseev Experience in training combat reserves of field units of the Red Army during the Civil War (1918-1920) Yu.A. Ilyin, D.E. Komolov Textile industry of the Upper Volga region in August 1921 – April 1923: organisational formation and development of forms of enterprise management (based on materials of Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Vladimir and Yaroslavl provinces) K.A. Zverev Approval of the new state symbols in the Baltic republics: flag and coat of arms A.D. Polugodin Kaluga city government during the occupation by Nazi Germany (October-December 1941): trends in relations with the German occupation authorities (based on the materials of the State Archive of Kaluga Region) M.S. Vaganov Activities of the departments of the ‟All-Russia League for Fighting Tuberculosis” in Kostroma Province in 1911-1918 Z.I. Zamalieva, E.I. Nesterenko Legal status of women in Tangut society (based on materials of the Tangut Code)
O.A. Bogdanova Estate and dacha in the 19th to 21st centuries literature: horizons of research O.A. Bogdanova The evolution of the semantics of the “dacha text” in Russian literature of the 19th–21st centuries (Fyodor Dostoevsky, Georgy Chulkov, Yury Trifonov, Yuri Mamleev, Eugene Vodolazkin, etc.) Yu.U. Kaskina The image of the dacha in the short story “On the Stumps” by Ivan Shmelyov D.M. Borisova The image of Pushkin Reserve in the prose of Konstantin Paustovsky E.E. Dmitrieva The locus of the castle in the novels of Walter Scott (“Waverly”) G.A. Veligorsky The toponymic element “-end” in the English-language “estate” thesaurus: semantics and function (English-Russian context) S.M. Shavrygin “Sensitive” and “coldˮ in the interpretation of Nikolay Karamzin and Mikhail Saltykov (Shchedrin) V.V. Koroleva, A.R. Pritomskaya Alchemical symbolism of the novella “The Golden Pot: A Modern Fairy Tale” by E. T. A. Hoffmann L.A. Simonova Where to look for the dramatic author? (Tragedies of Pierre Corneille) M.A. Kedrova Laudes civitatum: 13th century Milan as heaven on earth (based on Bonvesin da la Riva’s works) E.V. Kashulina The theme of total surveillance in the field of digital technologies in the novel “The Circle” by Dave Eggers N.P. Belyaeva Literary ways of cyclisation in modern rock poetry (based on the album “Creativity in the Void” by the “DDT”)
F.Sh. Bekmurzaeva Human inner world as a means of symbolization in the folklore (based on the animal concept лиса (fox)) N.P. Galkina Core and peripheral constructions of complex sentences with the meaning of conditionality in the scientific and journalistic styles of the modern Russian language A.S. Kuligin On the frequency of words in derivational pairs I.M. Melnikova The border as a form- and meaning-forming principle of the lyrical world of J. Bobrovsky («Die junge Marfa») T.F. Bogdanova Lexical Tonality in the Modern Business Internet Correspondence in Russian and English Languages N.S. Antonenko, D.Yu. Ilyin Tsaritsyn, Stalingrad, Volgograd godonyms as the reflection of the twentieth century historical processes V.V. Katermina, D.E. Volodina Analysis of linguistic means creating the image of the city (on the example of V. Woolf’s modernist novel “Mrs. Dalloway”) F.Ya. Khabibullina, I.G. Ivanova Lexico-semantic field of the term “office workˮ in French
V.B. Romanovskaya, A.V. Krymov On ‟monistic” politic and legal ideas, Konstantin Leontiev and Eurasianism theory of the state M.D. Gorbunov Jeremy Bentham’s utility theory and its influence on analytical legal positivism G.G. Bril’, L.N. Zaitsev Legal views of Yuriy Novitskiy on juvenile courts F.M. Kobzarev Organisational and legal basis for determining the criteria for the sufficiency of evidence in the pre-trial stages of criminal proceedings A.N. Metelkov Nuclear terrorism: a theoretical model of the legal concept E.V. Goncharenko, D.V. Bannikov, Z.Yа. Mikvabiya, S.B. Taisaeva, S.N. Argun, O.A. Murzova, A.A. Jokua Criminological, psychological and ethological aspects of dominant-subordinate relations in the ‟aggressor-victim” dyad A.A. Maksimenko, D.V. Krylova, O.S. Deyneka, A.V. Zyablikov, A.V. Vakhrusheva The study of corruption phobia in the context of the dialogue between government and society: theoretical and methodological foundations F.T. Akhunzianova, A.V. Zaytsev Political and legal category ‟political hatred” in the digital public discourse of government and society and in the judicial and investigative practice of modern Russia T.P. Shishulina Legal mechanism for self-protection of labor rights: problems of law enforcement