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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2023. vol. 29. № 2. p. 247
A.S. Akbiev, Magomed-Pasha B. Abdusalamov Legal proceedings of the Kumyks in the 18th – early 19th century D.A. Bulyukin, A.M. Belov Deputies’ attitude to P.A. Stolypin’s agrarian reform (in terms of the State Duma from Kostroma and Yaroslavl provinces) N.S. Maiorova, A.D. Maiorov The Far East in Russian foreign policy according to “Memoirs” by S.Yu. Witte Ferapont (D.V. Kashin; Metropolitan) Civil status of celebrations in honour of the icon of Our Lady of Saint Theodore in the 19th–20th centuries in Kostroma S.N. Sinegubov, Ya.R. Galyautdinov, N.S. Zavorokhina Medals and decorations of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905: traditions and innovations S.B. Ulyanova, A.A. Fisheva “Small-scale aviation”: children’s technical working in the USSR in the 1920s V.S. Belgorodsky, S.G. Dembitsky, V.S. Okolotin The role of the People’s Commissariat of the Textile Industry of the USSR in the placement of Leningrad textile workers, re-evacuation of equipment and restoration of enterprises in 1942 A.A. Ilina Alcuin and his role in the preparation of the Benedictine reform in the Frankish kingdom A.V. Lebedev The forgotten legacy of Pavel Katenin: Shayovo noble estate near Kologriv S.A. Kabatov, E.A. Kabatova, E.S. Gorokhova Preliminary identification of a series of finds from the excavation site on the territory of the town of the first Kostroma Kremlin
L.N. Ryaguzova Modes of «rasskazovedeniya»: the individual community of the historical and literary narrative of D.P. Svyatopolk-Mirsky and V.V. Nabokov A.A. Fedotova Soviet ideology in the reception of Joseph Brodsky (in terms of the poem «Speech over Spilled Milk») K.A. Chekalov Early French detective fiction: self-identification paths A.A. Chevtaev History through the prism of adamism: the poem “The Campaign of Alexander in India” by Mikhail Zenkevich E.V. Bolnova Victor Sosnora’s poem “From the Window”: structure and content T.A. Sklizkova The peculiarity of the marriages in “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen E.V. Zolinova The role of descriptions of nature in revealing the message of the short story The Untold Lie by Sherwood Anderson Chen Wen Research of Mikhail Sholokhov’s creative work in China: tendencies, problems K.E. Ermilova Contradiction as the basis of the narrative structure of the novel “La vraye histoire comique de Francion” (1623–1633) by Charles Sorel
M.A. Fokina Key metaphors in the narrative structure of Vladimir Kornilov’s story “The Forest Master” N.V. Bolshakova, M.I. Muratova Representation of mystical reality in the mythological narrative L.E. Ilyina Modern folklore plot ‟doing homework”: a pragmatic aspect L.M. Gareeva Sound distortions of phraseological units in modern Russian speech R.R. Zalalova, A.G. Gataullina Semantics of the word tutor in modern Russian Xu Yao, E.I. Seliverstova Features of the verbalisation of the idea about the importance of the words’ balance in Russian proverbs against the background of Chinese ones A.Ye. Kuptsov Implementation of communicative-pragmatic functions particle-discursives in English, Spanish and Russian artistic discourse M.M. Kaplina, S.A. Zhezlova Transformation techniques in gastronomic terminology of Alsace (linguoculturological aspect) S.V. Sleptsova, I.B. Akinshina, G.V. Svishchev Typology of euphemisms characterise specific classes and social groups (in French journalism) Ye.Yu. Shcherbatykh Specifics of expressing evaluation in motivated questions of the journalist (on the material of modern British interviews)
E.V. Goncharenko, S.N. Argun, Z.Yа. Mikvabiya, S.B. Taisaeva, O.A. Murzova, A.A. Jokua, D.A. Molev, Elena A. Novikova, D.S. Semenova Gestures-adapters for persons involved in the crime in non-instrumental lie detection S.N. Titov Сriminal legal assessment of infringement on intellectual property objects created using artificial intelligence technology I.S. Kara Prevention of bullying among minors at school I.E. Mikheeva Legal features of banking ecosystems K.V. Shmelev, O.V. Moiseeva Problems of installation of an air-conditioning and ventilation system on a facade of the apartment house
V.S. Sekovanov Vladimir Grigor’yevich Kornilov (on the centenary of the birth)