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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 4. 140 p.
V.V. Zharkov, V.V. Tatochenko Reviewing social politics of Russia on the example of regulation of labor relations in the XIII-XVIII centuries B.V. Petelin Christian Democratic Union / the Christian Social Union and the Frankfurt economic council of Bizonia in 1947-1949 A.M. Belov, D.A. Bulyukin Kostromichi-Octobrists in the State Duma of the Russian Empire G.V. Karandashev “Night thugs make you talk about yourself againˮ: socio-cultural features of professional crime in Yaroslavl in the late XIX - early XX centuries (based on the materials of the periodical press) S.A. Sterlikova Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin) as creator Russian Palestine (According to the materials of the Jerusalem Diary) V.V. Khartaev ‟Lamp of Reflections” by Kensur Agvan Nima as a source on the сongresses of Inner Mongolia
I.V. Sokolova, I.A. Shishkova Compositional techniques of post-postmodernism (on the material of modern American short fiction) A.S. Bokarev, A.V. Korableva Poetics of ekphrasis of paintings in lyric poetry by Sergey Gandlevskiy Yu.L. Sapozhnikova The development of traditions of slave narratives in the novel “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead K.E. Ermilova “Francion’s dream” in the novel by Charles Sorel: on the problem of narrowing the boundaries of symbolic imagery in conditions of censorship of the 1620–1630 M.G. Semenova The artistic originality of Viktor Iretskiy in the collections of Petersburg writers S.V. Polonskaya Reception of Mikhail Sholokhov’s oeuvre through the prism of French periodicals (in terms of Vladimir S. Pozner’s article “Sholokhov in Paris”) O.I. Agnistikova Strengthening the presence of subjective journalistic voice in the news as a trend of the digital environment
N.S. Gantsovskaiy Oryol and Kostroma researchers of Russian folkish word: Oryol-Kostroma ties O.A. Dormidontova, G.N. Zavialova The functional-synonymic peculiarityof French literary onyms
V.L. Volfson Indivisible thing in the fetters of metaphysics A.N. Metelkov DNDO in the US State Mechanism to Combat Nuclear Terrorism E.V. Goncharenko, V.S. Geraskov, S.B. Taisaeva, E.V. Polyakova Stockholm syndrome in criminological practice P.Yu. Bekrenev, L.A. Khlestakova, K.E. Girinovich Recognition of a transaction made by a citizen limited by the court in capacity as invalid: current problems in the Russian Federation D.V. Pozharsky, A.U. Arapov State corporations in the mechanism of public power of the Russian Federation