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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 3. 268 p.
A.E. Vinogradov The three centres of Rus’: from real geography to mythical one Ye.L. Sarayeva The power system of the era of Peter I of Russia in political and legal discourse of Mikhail Speransky L.N. Zaitsev Leontiy Vasil’yevich Dubel’t – statesman and public figure of the Russian Empire in the 1st half of the 19th century S.N. Yacovenko Preparation of the Soviet railway network in the western direction for a possible military conflict in the early 1940s V.S. Belgorodsky, S.G. Dembitsky, V.S. Okolotin Training of engineering and technical personnel for textile industry enterprises in the pre-war period in the USSR I.V. Sidorchuk Excursions in the context of the Politicisation of mass leisure in Soviet Russia in 1917–1935 A.V. Zyablikov Formation of Soviet identity by means of domestic cinematography in the 1920–50s: to the problem statement A.D. Polugodin The problem of studying administrative collaborationism during the Nazi occupation in modern Russian historiography Ya.V. Punevsky Modern historiography of municipal self-government in Russia in the 2nd half of the 19th – the 20th centuries A.A. Turygin, I.S. Bakharev The image of the Russian Empire in the memoirs of Francisco de Miranda
N.L. Ermolaeva Comic comparisons in the epic novel (“A Common Story” by Ivan Goncharov) Frédéric-Gaël Theuriau Mental and behavioural disorders in “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov A.A. Gromov The absurdity of Anton Chekhov’s vaudevilles as a form of comprehension of the passing era N.G. Koptelova The image of the old man in Alexander Blok’s poetry of the 1900s V.V. Kolchanov, S.A. Kosyakova The catabasis motif in «The Fatal Eggs» by Mikhail Bulgakov M.V. Skorokhodov Museum homestead science: landmarks as a way to preserve literary landscapes A.V. Ilinykh The opposition “hell – paradise” in the poetry of Yuriy Kuznetsov T.A. Sklizkova The author’s idea of Englishness in the novel “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen O.V. Belopukhova Functional significance of Ivan Turgenev’s character in the dramatic trilogy ‟The Coast of Utopia” by Тоm Stoppard A.I. Gushchina The Homeland representation in the works by Bernhard Schlink M.М. Khabutdinova Naki Isanbet and Tatar handwritten journals
N.S. Gantsovskaya Folklore stereotypes as a stylistic feature of Alexander Ostrovsky’s plays: speech of matchmaker women E.N. Ilyina A Household Utensils in the Language Picture of the World of the Inhabitants of Belozerie N.P. Galkina Keywords in terms of frequency and thematic relevance Yu.A. Krasheninnikova «Wedding in Songs and Rites (in Kostroma County)» (about one manuscript from the State Archive of the Kostroma Region) A.D. Magomedov, A.R. Gasharova Reflection of foreign cultural influences in the folklore and languages of the peoples of Dagestan Niu Anna Human body volume and its assessment in the russian language picture of the world against the background of Chinese
Ya.V. Beznosova Training of middle-level legal specialists in the USSR (in terms of Gorky law school) F.M. Kobzarev, P.F. Kobzarev Features of interaction between the court and the prosecutor in the process of proof during pre-trial proceedings in a criminal case E.V. Goncharenko, S.B. Taisaeva, E.V. Polyakova, G.А. Agaguliev The main physiological and pantomimic markers of information concealment (lie) in involved persons and malingerers K.V. Kostina, A.A. Imamov Self-regulatory organisations: control over the activities of its members as a new mechanism of non-state incentives of honest behaviour of business subjects A.N. Metelkov State mechanism of United States in the fight against nuclear terrorism P.Y. Bekrenev, L.A. Khlestakova, I.N. Melnikov American and European models of land ownership restrictions and their impact on the regulation of these relations in Russia
N.V. Bolshakova, G.D. Neganova «Gromov readings» in the context of scientific research and professional assessments
V.S. Sekovanov Oleg Georgiyevich Smolyanov