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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2022. vol. 28. № 1. 198 p.
T.A. Semilet, I.V. Fotieva, E.V. Lukashevich, V.V. Vitvinchuk, K.A. Kirilin Distortion of reality in news journalism:determinants and socio-cultural implications
K.V. Pavlov Source-historiographical aspects of dating the first laying of the cathedrals of Archangel Michael and the Savior’s Transfiguration in Nizhny Novgorod Ferapont, Metropolitan of Kostroma and Nerekhta (D.V. Kashin) Procession of the Moscow embassy on March 14, 1613 to Hypatian Monastery: versions of the event D.A. Bolshakova, E.M. Petrovicheva The influence of religious beliefs to the practice of zemstvo insurance at the 2nd half of the 19th – early 20th century (based on the materials of Vladimir and Ryazan provinces) G.G. Bril’, L.N. Zaitsev Vladimir Konstantinovich Semiganovskiy – the last head of Kostroma provincial gendarmerie department (based on materials from the archives of Kostroma Region) T.A. Kovrov, V.S. Okolotin The role of the manufacturers in the activity of the accounting and loan committee at Ivanovo-Voznesensk branch of the Russian State Bank Yu.A. Vinogradova, V.S. Okolotin Museum-organising activities of the People’s Commissariat of Education in Ivanovo-Voznesensk province in 1918–1920 Yu. A. Stadnik Etiology of diseases and human behavior in folk ideas of the Semeiskie of Buryatia Yu.S. Nikiforov “On the way to the “green agenda”?”: discourse of regional authorities on the improvement of Yaroslavl in the historical context of interaction with the centre (the 1960s–1980s) Sh.Z. Shukurov The power politics of the US and its partners in introducing Western democracy into Afghan society
K.A. Chekalov Protoscience fiction and formation of the genre nomenclature in French paraliterature G.V. Mosaleva Ontology of humour in the novel “Oblomov” by Ivan Goncharov N.A. Medvedeva The play “Not of This World” by Alexander Ostrovsky as family scenes L.Yu. Strelnikova, I.I. Tarasova Modernist mythologism of Vladimir Nabokov’s creative work (based on the material of the novels “Mary”, “The Gift”, “Invitation to a Beheading”) V.G. Andreeva Contrasts in the letters of Sergei Yesenin: from the prose of reality to spiritual life K.P. Osmanova “In a Fiacre” by Arthur Adamov: poetics and problematics L.V. Dubakov Buddhist exoticism in the works of Eduard Limonov: philosophical and aesthetic criticism N.N. Gordienko Enlightenment activities of modern mass media
E.B. Volkova, V.L. Korotun Three-component complex sentences with heterogeneous subordination in the scientific style of the Russian language (based on texts of mathematical works) N.P. Galkina Experience of linguistic research of the word правда as a syntactic word in the Russian language N.S. Gantsovskaiy Wild plants and crop waste as a basis for nominations of dishesof Kostroma folk cuisine (comments to Section V of the Lexical Atlas of Russian Folkish Patois Programme) E.N. Ilyina Description of a peasant abode in the patois of the hamlet of Borbushino A.R. Popova Phraseological item as the basis of a poetic text: the genre of poemphrase M.A. Fokina Subject-speech organization of Vladimir Kornilov’s short story “Cone Picker”
K.V. Gribkova Legal positions and provisions of judicial practice: concept, features, meaning A.N. Kalyuzhny Appointment of a forensic psychiatric examination for crimes related to illegal hospitalization in a medical organisation providing psychiatric care in in-site settings D.L. Semionov, A.G. Sirotkin, L.A. Khlestakova, P.Y. Bekrenev On the uncertainty of the legal regulation of the state registration of the lease agreement of a building or structure I.V. Orlovskaya The system of specialised environmental prosecutor’s offices of the Russian Federation: historical, organizational and legal aspects and principles of its formation