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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2021. vol. 27. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2021. vol. 27. № 4. 214 p.
Yu.V. Lebedev In memoriam the Teacher
A.B. Pichugin Unknown chapters of the Volga-Kama historiography: Kapiton Mil’kovich E.L. Saraeva The perception of the basic state laws by the Constitutional Democrats during the work of the first State Duma: the ideas of Vasily Maklakov A.I. Gromova “A Gauntlet” by Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson and “Vera: One for Many: From a Girl’s Diary” by Bettina Dorothea Kris in the context of a public discussion about male chastity and double morality in the Russian Empire in the late 19th – early 20th centuries V.A. Kolesnikov Introduction of food distribution in the conditions of the supply crisis before the revolution of 1917 (based on the materials of Kostroma Province) S.V. Homyakov, A.N. Soboleva New life of the Old Believers of Transbaikalia: towards the “Soviet person” (late 1920s) E.V. Batunaev The genesis of the Mongolian revolution of 1921: methodological and theoretical aspects M.A. Balahonova, V.S. Okolotin The activities of Ivanovo State Medical Institute in the war conditions of 1941–1942 S.S. Lantukhov Features of fighter aircraft staff training in the flight schools of the Red Army air force during the 2nd period of the Soviet-Axis war A.B. Gekht Swedish non-public diplomacy during World War II on the example of the activities of M. Wallenberg Jr. I.V. Kometchikov Civilians in demining territories in the West of the Russian Soviet Republic: legal regulation and administrative practices of regional authorities (1942–1946) D.S. Lapay History of camp of Military Institute (Railway troops and military communications) E.V. Suverov, V.K. Groshevaya, Yu.N. Krasnonosov Personnel training for the internal affairs in Donetsk Region (second half of the 1960s)
M.V. Patrikeeva Russian drama during the Crimean War of 1853–1856 I.A. Ovchinina, A.A. Vinogradov Alexander Ostrovsky’s play “Late Love”: from its conception to the implementation V.V. Tikhomirov Alexander Ostrovsky vis-a-vis Fyodor Dostoevsky: the omedy “Rich Brides” and the novel “The Idiot” N.K. Ilyina The last corrections in the translation of the comedy “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare Yu.V. Lebedev Motifs of the crisis of the Russian family and national statehood in the epic trilogy of Boleslav Markevich (“A Quarter of a Century Ago”, “The Turning Point” and “The Void”) I.A. Yedoshina Peter the Great in the historiosophy of Vasily Rozanov A.V. Fiveyskaya Period-specific differences of style in Haribhaṭṭa’s “Garland of Jātakas” and in the “Avadāna-śataka” (based on the deer jātaka) I.A. Shishkova Moral values in Sarah Fielding’s novel “The Governess, or the Little Female Academy” E.M. Boldyreva Hai Zi – Chinese Sergei Yesenin: tanatological poetics and “romance with death” A.A. Ilunina Intertextuality in Andrea Levy’s novel “Small Island” Ju.N. Myslina J.A.A. Joyce’s type of chronotope in Mikhail Shishkin’s non-fiction “Russian Switzerland”
V.A. Vinokurov Problems of excessive lawmaking in modern Russia A.А. Bimbinov Transformation of German criminal legislation on responsibility for sexual crimes V.A. Demidovich Analysis of the criminal legislation of France, England and Spain about responsibility for lecherous actions S.V. Berdinskikh The prosecutor’s judicial protection of public interests in the use and protection of specially protected natural territories as a complex area of prosecutorial activity G.G. Bril’, E.I. Bogdanova Legal regulation of pawnshops in pre-revolutionary and Soviet civil legislation
A.M. Belov, N.A. Belova On the 77th anniversary of Kostroma Region restoration (scientific discussion in the information centre of Kostroma Region administration)