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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2020. vol. 26. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2020. Vol. 26. № 4. 266 p.
G.N. Kocheshkov, P.G. Agrafonov Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl land in Latin-language sources of the 15th – 16th centuries V.N. Benda Improvement of the educational process in the Land Gentry Cadet Corps in the second half of the 18th century S.V. Khomyakov From “Dear Ilyich” to the covenants of the leader: transformation of perception of the personality of Vladimir Lenin in the rural province in the 1920s (Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic) Ye.V. Larina The policy of proletarisation of education based on the example of educational institutions of Moscow department of professional education O.Yu. Oreshkin Trade and economic activity of the Rybinsk interdistrict base of Ivanovo regional office of the Torgsin (Trade with Foreigners) in 1933–1935 A.N. Soboleva Activities of the Russian Red Cross society in Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the years of the Axis aggression M.A. Balakhonova, V.S. Okolotin Ivanovo State Pedagogic Institute during the Nazis aggression Yu.S. Nikiforov The ideological and political support for the transformation of the economy and society in the USSR of the 1950–1980s: historical challenges and hidden trends Z.A. Sogomonyan Crisis of Industrial Regions in the Midwestern USA: the First Stage (the mid-1960s – early 1980s) D.N. Khristenko The Gulf War (1990–1991) and new foreign political concept of George Herbert Walker Bush K.A. Zverev The Russian-speaking population of Latvia in the modern period: correlation of status with local state historical politics
T.F. Volkova, Ye.I. Makarova Image of Muslim characters by the author of ‟Kazan Chronicle” I.A. Ovchinina “This… is written for pundits” (Alexander Ostrovsky’s play “It’s Not All Shrovetide for the Cat”) Ye.N. Belyakova The evolution of the images of the main characters in the process of Alexander Ostrovsky’s work on the comedy «The Forest» (based on the draft autograph of the play) N.A. Medvedeva Genre features of the play “Guilty without Fault” by Alexander Ostrovsky Yu.O. Vinokurtseva Contradictions and extremes of Russian real criticism in assessing the literary position of Ivan Goncharov Ye.V. Nikolayeva Leo Tolstoy’s novella “The Prisoner of the Caucasus”: on the question of creative history M.A. Myakinchenko Varvara Karepina, née Dostoevskaya – sister and heroine of Fyodor Dostoevsky M.V. Mikhnovets The geopolitics of the «Kirghiz steppe» in the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky: from the «zone of undeveloped wilderness» to the new Heartland Z.Ya. Kholodova Mikhail Prishvin’s artistic outlook in Razumnik Ivanov-Razumnik’s interpretation Ye.M. Bondarchuk Subject-material ontology in “Doctor Zhivago”, the “final book” by Boris Pasternak N.N. Smirnova Image in Mikhail Gershenzon’s Theory of Reading G.A. Veligorsky A barbaric country or a police kingdom: a negative image of Russia in the children’s literature of Great Britain of the late 19th – the early 20th century Yu.L. Tsvetkov From Baroque drama to tragedy: the first and third editions of the play «Der Turm» by Hugo Laurenz August Hofmann von Hofmannsthal A.N. Taganov The clinamen principle in the poetics of Alfred Jarry N.S. Frolova Expatriate Kenyan poetry: Marjorie Phyllis Oludhe Macgoye and Stephen Derwent Partington A.S. Stoletova Writer’s authority in the processes of social transformations of the 1960s and 1970s (worldview projection and ideological background) A.V. Chernov, M.V. Dvoryanova Screen life: author reflection in the context of media communication problem of Web 2.0 epoch
S.P. Koval’, O.Yu. Taibova, M.Yu. Tsvetkov Topical problems of legal regulation of the institution of conflict of interest in the state civil service in the Russian Federation Yu.O. Novikova Legal regulation of cooperation in Russia in 1917 V.B. Romanovskaya, B.A. Immayeva Determination of the criteria of destructiveness in the activities of new religious movements (theoretical and legal aspect) L.Yu. Larina The prohibition of driving a vehicle for committing a crime as a means of ensuring transport security V.V. Gruzdev, N.V. Ganzha Comparative legal analysis of the constitutional bases of combating corruption in some states of the New Hanseatic League D.A. Kirillov, E.G. Sechenova Constitution-law study of the concept of “tolerance” in the UN documents in connection with the adoption of the Resolution on religious tolerance V.V. Gruzdev, M.L. Gruzdeva, V.N. Yershov, V.A. Smirnov The impact of great challenges and sociocultural threats to the family and family law A.A. Bogustov On some directions of the development of copyright in the projects of the civil code of the USSR S.V. Berdinskikh On the issue of the limits of the prosecutor’s activity for the protection of public interest in the sphere of use and protection of specially protected natural territories in court D.V. Bakhteyev, L.V. Tarasova The application of artificial intelligence in commercial courts of the Russian Federation: perspectives and issues
G.V. Mosalyova Sovereign tradition and spiritual dimension of Russian statehood in Russian literature of the 18th–19th centuries