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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. 2020. vol. 26. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2020. Vol. 26. № 2. 290 p.
S.A. Kabatov, Ye.A. Kabatova Source-historiographical study of the existence of the second Kostroma Kremlin (article 2) M.A. Guseva The structure of municipal government in medieval Cambridge I.V. Bogdashina Everyday practice of mothers in a provincial Soviet city in the 1950–60s Yu.S. Nikiforov The regional aspect of the study of the transformation of Russian society in the 1950-1990s and the evolution of the economic system: representativeness and uniqueness of the Upper Volga regions of the late USSR G.Yu. Volkov Plans of the Nazi leadership of the third Reich for the occupation of the USSR A.M. Belov On the major turnaround in the East Front of World War II (according to memoirs of German and Soviet military commanders) A.N. Malinka, A.V. Anisimov, A.K. Kartashov Chemical support of troops during World War II V.S. Okolotin Production of special products at Ivanovo furniture factory (plant No. 43) during World War II G.A. Budnik, T.V. Korolyova, T.B. Kotlova Power engineering problems of the Front-line areas of Central of Russia in 1941–1945 Ye.Yu. Volkova, G.Yu. Volkov Domestic problems of residents of the rear regions of Russia during World War II T.Yu. Shestova Labour of medics of Perm land during World War II A.N. Zuyev, I.I. Nikonov Consumers cooperative society in Yaroslavl Region at the period of World War II T.K. Shcheglova, A.V. Rykov The significance of consumers cooperative society in provisioning of collective farm peasantry of Altai land in the years of World War II: in terms of pottery and manufacture of wooden sole boots G.A. Kamygina Production activity jewellery artels of the Upper Volga region during the Second World war
A.N. Ratnikov Panegyric traditions in Russian literature of the 18th century, preceding the formation of Gavrila Derzhavin’s battle ode N.G. Mikhnovets The novel «Resurrection» by Leo Tolstoy as an epic – the author’s approach to the image of facts of contemporaneity and their appraisal Nguyen Thi Hoan Rodion Raskolnikov’s idea in Vietnamese translation G.I. Romanova, K.V. Rizayeva Genre specificity of Mikhail Albov’s dilogy “Of People «in Search of the City»” A.N. Meshalkin The peasant world in the pre-revolutionary short stories by Ivan Kasatkin N.G. Koptelova Creative work of Anton Chekhov in the assessment of Dmitry Filosofov (based on reviews and articles of the 1900s) S.N. Morozova, D.N. Zhatkin Creative works of John William Cheever in the literary-critical interpretation of Korney Chukovsky B.V. Kovalev, V.Ye. Pugach The proper name in the stories by Vladimir Nabokov (on the examples of the stories «An Affair of Honor» and «Christmas») V.N. Guseynov On humanitarianism and humanism: linguistic and stylistic features of the statements of the leaders of literary groups in the early 1930s (based on the responses of Leopold Averbakh, Maxim Gorky, Viktor Shklovsky to the death of Vladimir Mayakovsky) L.Ye. Saburova Tommaso Landolfi and Eugenio Montale on the way to the game (based on autobiographical prose) O.S. Gorelov The specifics of metaphysical defamiliarisation in Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s prose D.I. Poluliashina Representation of identity crisis in Kseniya Buksha’s book «Opens inward»
N.S. Grudinin The conditions for the formation of the system of the rule of law in Russia K.V. Cherkasov, A.V. Piptyuk Business and national security – modern perception of administrative regulation Yu.S. Shpinyov On the definition of investment in legislation and science A.S. Tkach On the concept and meaning of the legal term V.A. Goncharova Recognition of a contract as null and void as a means of protecting civil rights A.V. Kutuzov Operative-search monitoring the Internet as an element of countering crimes of extremist direction G.P. Bredihin Transfer of Exclusive rights on of intellectual property F.Z. Zavurbekov Features of judicial cases involving women in the Fatimid Caliphate in the 10th–12th centuries (historical and legal analysis) V.V. Puzhayev Legal socialism in the history of French political and legal thought of the 19th–20th centuries A.V. Zaytsev Investigative bodies in the territory of Kostroma Province in Soviet Russia (before the formation of Kostroma Region) D.Ye. Zakharov Legal claim as a consequence of a breach of contract under German law
V.V. Gruzdev, D.N. Lukoyanov New scientific study on the nature of decisions in the operational-search activity