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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 3. 234 p.
Historical sciences and archaeology
A.A. Morozov State regulation of the socio-economic relations during Elizabeth I Tudor's rule S.B. Chernetsova The complex of the chapels of the Kazan Temple’s parish in Zaozerje village, as an example of the influence of the Calvary construction tradition in Europe V.N. Benda Military schools for training officers and non-commissioned officers created and operated in Russia in the late 18th century I.N. Suyetin Urbanisation as a factor of diversification of the Russian musical vocational education at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries (in terms of the Povolzhye) Therapont, Metropolitan of Kostroma and Nerekhta (D.V. Kashin) Kostroma eparchy in March, 1917: a farewell to monarchy F.N. Kozlov, V.V. Dzyuban, A.V. Tret'yakov Ethnic factor as an element of Church policy in the 1920s (in terms of Chuvash Republic) M.V. Kochergina Fates of priests of Russian Orthodox Church of Old-Believers in the ancient centres of Starodub and Vietka in 1920s–1960s A.D. Polugodin Punityive actions of Nazis in the occupied districts of Kaluga Region in 1941–1943 A.M. Belov, D.A. Bulyukin, Lee Tong Soviet economic assistance to China in the 1950s
Science of literature
S.V. Zhilyakov "Word of Daniel the Immured" as a manifesto of the autocracy in Russia of the 12th century A.G. Maslova Poetics of time and space in the works of Yermil Kostrov M.I. Krupenina Eccentric characters in Dickens’s novel "David Copperfield" and the motif of premonition K.A. Chekalov Rocambole’s theatrical mission N.G. Mikhnovets The drama and the libretto "The Storm" by Alexander Ostrovsky: a historical plan in the image of the patriarchal world V.V. Tikhomirov Comedy "The Forest" by Alexander Ostrovsky: holding out for a hero. Experience of a comment V.G. Andreyeva Motif of struggle in the chronicles "The Cathedral Clergy" by Nikolai Leskov N.A. Lobkova From the history of Pavel Annenkov’s publications about Pushkin in "Vestnik Evropy (Herald of Europe)" (based on the letters to Mikhail Stasyulevich) S.N. Morozova, D.N. Zhatkin Creative work of Edmund John Millington Synge in literary and critical perception of Korney Chukovsky N.G. Koptelova "Theatricalisation" of the lyrical hero in the poetry of Alexander Blok: genesis and ways of artistic realisation V.V. Korolyova "E. T. A. Hoffmann’s complex" in the cycle of stories and drama scenes "Earth Axis" by Valery Bryusov (1901–1907) I.A. Yedoshina Travelling notes by Pyotr Pertsov during his European travel, May to June, 1913 (according to letters to Mariya Pertsova) N.D. Lyakhovskaya On the path to self-discovery. New meanings in the novels of the Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou "Blue White Red" and "Memoirs of a Porcupine" K.A. Rebrikova Transgression and its forms in the story "The Monkey Link" by Andrei Bitov M.A. Klinova Media as a tool of labour mobilisation of the urban population (based on the newspaper "Truth of East-Siberia", 1946–1950)
Jural science
V.V. Gruzdev, A.I. Levchenkov Republics of Donbass as an international political and legal precedent V.V. Gruzdev, D.A. Babichev, N.A. Babicheva History of self-determination of the people of Donbass. Experience of the Soviet Republic of Donetsk and Krivoy Rog Vladimir N. Kartashov Legal acculturation and legal expansion: ratio problems Ye.V. L'vov On the issue of the main development trends in the sphere of legal regulation O.M. Meshcheryakova Development of banking standards control in the EU: problems and prospects A.V. Ivkova, Ye.S. Krotova Certain features of using of the "estoppel" doctrine in civil proceedings of the Russian Federation S.G. Spivak, A.A. Alfer'yeva The concept and classification of special types of exemption from criminal liability A.Ye. Lysakov The content of the factors the organisation of the preliminary investigation bodies in the sphere of economics investigation of corruption crimes A.V. Meshcheryakova, A.P. Mazurenko Digitalisation as a means of anti-corruption legal policy in the sphere of health care A.K. Gadzhiyev Anti-corruption component of activity of the office of the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasian federal district: state and prospects V.M. Pashin, V.V. Pavlyukov The use of information systems in the implementation of prosecutorial supervision in the field of investigative activities Yu.V. Lavrova Interaction of prosecutor's office with bodies, organisations, institutions as one of the directions of improvement of supervision of observance of the rights of the disabled M.S. Pershonkova, N.L. Khvalygina The history of the formation and development prospects of the institution of bailiffs in Russia Yu.S. Karavayeva, A.A. Kosmovskaya Policy of counteraction against occult practices in Russia: historical and legal analysis (the 17th to the 21st centuries) B.B. Suleymanov Sergei Alexeyev's doctrine of legal systems (families)
University scientific life
Yu.S. Nikiforov Economic inequality global knowledge in the context of historical research of social policy issues G.D. Neganova, Qin Lidong Review of the international scientific-practical conference "Languages and Cultures" (23rd to 24th of May, the City of Kostroma, Russia)