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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 2. 290 p.
Historical sciences and archaeology
A.G. Avdeyev The patrimonial tomb of the Gotovtsevs in the village of Likurga: preliminary results of the study T.Ch. Dzhabayeva Formation of large feudal property on Kumyk Plain of Dagestan from the 16th to the mid 18th centuries V.N. Benda, N.D. Kozlov On the reasons of plunder of material and financial means in military department in the 2nd half of the 18th century and measures of fight against them (on the example of the Moscow artillery office) А.Yu. Butin August patron of the learned priest from the province G.G. Bril', L.N. Zaytsev Kostroma provincial gendarmerie management and its first supervisor A.V. Rukoleyev Features of the Mineralogical Society in Russia in the pre-revolutionary period V.I. Kovba, Ye.A. Chugunov, O.D. Chugunova Military historian’s fate in the context of the country’s history (Aleksandr de Lazari: military commander, teacher, oppression victim) M.V. Yermushin, A.G. Mitrov, G.V. Belyayev Production meetings at the enterprises of the Soviet industry in the 1920s-30s in the studies of Soviet, Russian and foreign historians Ye.N. Abovyan, V.V. Dzyuban Town of Novozybkov and its region at World War II (East Front) D.A. Nesterov Features of the use of air support forces in conditions of asymmetric conflict on the example of the Malayan Emergency (1948–1960) A.M. Novotortseva Archpastoral service of Guriy (secular surname – Yegorov), Metropolitan Simferopol and the Crimea under Soviet power S.M. Zinchuk Intra-Church processes during the implementation of parish reform in the 1st half of the 1960s D.I. Sazonov Renunciation of faith. Worldview conviction or the sum of circumstances? On the topic of the 1960s apostacy Yu.S. Nikiforov Synthesis of classical and interdisciplinary methods in the study of regional problems of the Soviet Russian history (the 1950s till the 1980s)
Science of literature
I.A. Shishkova The sentimental revolution and Victorian values in American literature A.V. Markov Complex ekphrasis in Russian poetry: basics of theory and one case O.A. Tufanova Legendary political episode in "The Tale of Victorious Moscow State" M.V. Novikov, T.B. Perfilova Manliness and womanliness of national epos heroes in interpretation of Fyodor Buslaev N.V. Volodina "Once again" about "unwanted people": the transformation from literary type to a concept (historical and functional aspect). Part II. A.A. Fedotova "What People at Our Place Used to Be Condemned to Penal Servitude for": criminal plot in Nikolai Leskov's early prose I.A. Ovchinina, I.A. Khromova Russian Shrovetide as an art dominant of the opera libretto "The Power of the Fiend" by Alexander Ostrovsky Yu.V. Lebedev "A Spring’s Tale" "The Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky in the 1870s literary process N.A. Lobkova From history of P. Annenkov’s publications in "Vestnik Evropy" (by the letters to M. Stasyulevich) Wang Liye Nature and feeling in Ivan Turgenev's story G.V. Tokarev Leo Tolstoy's views on marriage O.S. Rudova Nikolai Gogol's text in the works of Vladimir Nabokov: the history of foundation of the issue in criticism and literary studies A.S. Dymchenko Historical prose about the epoch of Peter I into Arkhangelsk local text: novels "Peter I" by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy and "Young Russia" by Yuri German V.V. Korolyova Myth about Leonardo the artist in the novels "Resurrection of Gods. Leonardo da Vinci" by D. Merezhkovsky and "The Devil's Elixirs" by E. T. A. Hoffmann I.A. Moshchenko Reflection of Chinese Literature of the 1940s—50s in the Russian, Chinese and Western critical papers I.A. Kostylyova The concept of personality of Vasily Shukshin in the biography novel by Aleksey Varlamov "Shukshin" U.N. Tekenova Folklore and mythological foundations of children's worldview by Lazar' Kokyshev and Dibash Kainchin V.B. Bakula The archetype of the Sun in the novel by the Saami writer Nadezhda Bol'shakova O.S. Gorelov Principles of surrealist humour in the poetry of Leonid Shvab S.V. Sharifullina About the Turkestan exhibition of V.V. Vereshchagin (based on the article in the magazine "Family Parties") T.A. Sklizkova The notions "Englishness" and "Russianess" in Tom Stoppard's film "Anna Karenina" Ye.G. Ivashchenko Genre variety of Soviet local mass media of the Amur region during the 1930s
Jural science
N.N. Okutina On the issue of the state and legal regulation of petty bourgeois' self-government in the Russian Empire I.N. Mel'nikov, O.A. Smirnova The history of the formation of notariat in Kostroma land S.I. Sayenko Dialectical, systemic, structural and functional aspects of the scientific analysis of administrative law norms K.V. Cherkasov Anti-corruption at the level of the federal district: organisational and legal aspects (on the example of the Volga Federal District) N.V. Kuz'mina Special cruelty at crime committing: concept and features of qualification F.M. Kobzaryov On the issue of determination of the procedural status of the new witness for the prosecution in criminal procedure A.V. Kudryashova Organisational aspects of prosecutors' activity in view of recommendations of bodies of the Council of Europe (part 2) I.V. Orlovskaya The law-making function of the Prosecutor's office as an effective way to ensure the implementation of the principle of transparency, taking into account public opinion when making environmentally significant decisions V.M. Pashin, V.V. Pavlyukov The concept of the prosecutor's supervision for the execution of the laws in the sphere of operational-searching activity at the present stage of reforming supervisory activity of the prosecutor D.A. Babichev Mechanism of determining operational-investigative decisions: essence, elements, relation to the subject of prosecutor's supervision O.A. Teterina, A.A. Metyolkin, K.A. Ivanova The problematic issues of the participation of the prosecutor in the consideration by the court of the petition of the investigator to elect a preventive measure L.A. Kukushkina, N.A. Redkov Legal upbringing of minors in the context of the growth of crime determination A.S. Tkach On the formation and functioning of the municipal election commission M.V. Dedyuyeva, D.A. Solov'yova Problematic issues of another job offer upon termination of an employment contract to downsize the number or staff M.V. Dedyuyeva, A.D. Noskova Financial obligations in employment contract of the parties: comparative analysis
University scientific life
T.N. Fedulenkova From historiography to a sermon: grace of genre or individual style?