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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2019. Vol. 25. № 1. 260 p.
Historical sciences and archaeology
S.Ya. Alibekov, S.A. Kurochkina, Yu.A. Pavlenko, D.D. Shmelyov Preliminary analysis of the ceramic material of the monument "Old Samara. Wooden buildings" erected no later than the middle of the 19th century" (according to archaeological materials of 2017) G.V. Ibneyeva, A.I. Lebedeva Subjects of the Russian Empire’s colonisation policy abroad in 1762–1766: structure and hierarchy G.P. Kamneva, A.A. Sotnikov, S.A. Sotnikov Security agencies in the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th century Yu.A. Krivosheyeva Yaroslavl provincial female textile workers' everyday and family life in the second half of the 19th – the early 20th centuries N.M. Shchetinina Formation of charitable institutions in the territory of Voronezh land in the late 19th — the early 20th centuries V.V. Yegorov Jews' participation in economic and labour activities in Nizhny Novgorod and Ivanovo-Voznesensk provinces in the late 19th — the early 20th centuries A.A. Turygin "German dam to resist the head of the Polish waves": the Pan-Germanism geopolitics Ye.A. Osipova, A.A. Turygin Image of the Russian Empire and the empire borders in the minds of the right-wing monarchical conservative parties before 1917 Ye.M. Petrovicheva, G.M. Ptitsyna Voters' behaviour during Volost Zemstva elections in 1917 in terms of Vladimir Province) A.N. Zuyev Overcoming housing shortage in Russia during first years of the Soviet power and role of building and loan cooperation V.S. Okolotin The production of shells or 45 mm anti-tank guns on the plants of Ivanovo Region in 1942 S.V. Ushkalov, Yu.T. Trifankov, L.I. Zakharova The role of Major General Pavel Lazarev's tank troops in the run at Sevsk and Dmitrovsk n winter to spring 1943 S.M. Zinchuk Nikita Khrushchev's anti-religious campaign of 1954–1964: practical implementation and results A.N. Shigareva The past and the present in the Soviet propaganda's service (in terms of the book "Facing America" devoted to Khruschev's first US visit) K.A. Zverev History as instrument of propaganda in the political struggle of the Baltic republics in the 1990s–2000s M.B. Abekhtikova History of Russian children's and youth organisations in the 20th century: from scout movement to orthodox camps Ye.A. Sipyagina Social service of the Russian Orthodox Church in modern historiography (1988–2008) V.A. Tulyanov Charity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the phenomenon of modern Russian charity (in terms of the orthodox service "Mercy")
Science of literature
N.A. Trufanova Charms against a snake and a worm in medieval German tradition Ye.-N.Yu. Motsart The romantic transformation of the characters of Don Juan and Faust by Christian Dietrich Grabbe T.V. Ternopol One, two, three, four, five – сome and find me. Counting rhymes in A. Christie’s detective novels N.V. Zakharova Women's rights movement and rise of periodicals for women in the Late Qing China N.A. Lobkova Pavel Annenkov in "Vestnik Europy" (in terms of the critic's letters to Mikhail Stasyulevich) N.V. Volodina "Once again" about "unwanted people": the transformation from literary type to a concept (historical and functional aspect). Part I N.A. Degteryov Axiological problems of corporal punishment in Nikolai Pomyalovsky's "Seminary Sketches" Yu.V. Lebedev Creative history of a "spring’s tale" "The Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky I.A. Ovchinina, Ye.A. Pirverdyan On the libretto manuscript of the comic opera "Live Not as You Would Like to" by Alexander Ostrovsky A.P. Dmitriyev Leo Tolstoy's folk stories and the comedy "The First Distiller" in Nikita Gilyarov-Platonov's assessment V.V. Korolyova "Hoffmann’s complex" in dramas "The Life of Man","Black Masks" and "Tsar Hunger" by Leonid Andreyev A.A. Skoropadskaya Phonographic means of stylising the Turkish accent in the short story "Hassan and his Jeddi" by Ivan Shmelyov A.A. Pimkina About a possible poetic pretext and the prototypes of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel "The Luzhin Defense" T.G. Kuchina, M.Yu. Tret'yakova Visual aberrations and their structural functions in the plot of Vladimir Nabokov’s novels "King, Queen, Knave" and "Despair" Ye.R. Ivanova The originality of the chess topic in fiction in terms of creative work of Arturo Pérez-Reverte Gutiérrez Ya.O. Rezakov Ornithological poetics: Jerome David Salinger – from Anton Chekhov to Vasily Aksyonov Ye.M. Tyuleneva To the issue of internal processes in the author's supertext of Sasha Sokolov. Article 3: The capacity of dialogic structure and the narrative interview K.A. Rebrikova Language transgression in a postmodern text ("Palisandria" by Sasha Sokolov) O.V. Belopukhova Significance of Ivan Turgenev's works today. Horst-Jürgen Gerigk's study of Ivan Turgenev S.B. Steblovskaya Contemporary mediaspace and teens' mediaconsuming transformation
Jural science
V.G. Medvedev Trial by ordeal in judicial practice of ancient Oriental states V.B. Romanovskaya, O.Yu. Serpukhova Family law revolution in Western countries in the 20th century (in terms of the USA) V.V. Gruzdev The Arabian peninsula and North Africa: states without "statehood" K.V. Cherkasov Some issues of law enforcement monitoring in modern Russia in the context of combating corruption in the field of public administration A.Ye. Lysakov On the content of organisation of work of an investigative department for the investigation of corruption in the field of economy A.S. Tkach Dynamics and analysis of the causes of absenteeism in Russia since the early 1990s O.V. Zheleva The criminal liability for wrong medical care I.A. Kuz'min Access to base data of credit organisations and communication operators: legal and organisational questions S.Yu. Khaziyev The category "interest" in the context of consolidation and implementation of secondary rights A.V. Kudryashova Organisational aspects of prosecutors' activity in view of recommendations of bodies of the Council of Europe. Part 1 D.A. Babichev Prosecutor's supervision of the law of operational-investigative decisions taken under risk conditions: problems of criminal law V.A. Oganyan Historical and legal basis of regulation the copyright law in Russia in comparison with the experience of foreign countries