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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 4. 316 p.
Historical sciences and archaeology
A.M. Ismailova The development of the mining industry in Eastern Armenia in the 1880s – the early 20th century R.V. Konyayev Firing instruction of lower ranks in renewals of Omsk Military District during the World War I M.V. Fadeyeva What students of the Imperial University of Warsaw suffered from and what they were ill with in the early 20th century A.V. Rukoleyev Financing and activities of the Imperial St. Petersburg mineralogical society (1817–1917) A.A. Panchenko The idea of the World revolution and its influence on the development of the linguistic education during the first years of the Soviet period of Russian history N.S. Mayorova Archbishop Luka (Valentin Felixovich Voyno-Yasenetsky) on the spirit, soul and human life M.K. Osmayev Social and cultural scope of Chechnya-Ingushetia in the period of the World War II (east front): overcoming the lack of specialists V.S. Okolotin Operational maintenance of defence facilities by the all-Russian emergency Commission to combat the anti-Soviet employees in Ivanovo Region in 1942 Ye.N. Abovyan, V.V. Dzyuban Suzemka district during the World War II (chronicle of guerrilla warfare, 1941–1943) M.S. Kishchenkov, Yu.S. Nikiforov, D.V. Tumakov "Everyone cringes before the big shot", oh really?: constants or innovations in structure and practices of the Soviet regional elite of the 1950s–70s N.A. Belova Modern problems of interethnic relations in Kostroma Region Ye.I. Fat'kina Defence enterprises as an element of the Swedish export control structure
Science of literature
A.V. Golubkov The debates about «body rhetoric» in the XVIIth century French aristocratic culture: the case of the «ridiculous précieuses» K.A. Chekalov Auto-reflection and meta-textuality in the novels of Paul Henri Corentin Féval A.V. Yermakova Innokenty Annensky and Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud: translation as re-creation (the case of the poem Sensation by Arthur Rimbaud) T.M. Denisova Features of the German short story "postclassical period" (Judith Hermann) V.V. Tikhomirov The play "Vasilisa Melentyeva" by Alexander Ostrovsky as a historical drama I.A. Ovchinina, A.A. Vinogradov The peculiarities of A.N. Ostrovsky’s work on the historical chronicle about Kosma Minin D.V. Vasil'yev The character of the manifestation and role of the trickster archetype in the confessional statements of the underground hero of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's story "Notes from Underground" N.G. Koptelova Images and motifs of Commedia dell'arte in Alexander Blok’s poetic comprehension (the 1900s) O.N. Ushakova Star image semantics in the collection of poetry "Roses" by Georgy Ivanov and poetic tradition R.Ye. Klement'ev Unmade screen adaptation of Andrei Platonov’s novella "Epifan Locks" Z.Y. Kholodova Mikhail Prishvin’s artistic outlook: the dramatics aspect T.G. Kuchina Muse of silence: motifs of silence and dumbness in Sergey Gandlevskiy's and Lev Loseff's metapoetics A.S. Bokarev "New sincerity" in the Dmitry Vodennikov’s poetry: on the behavioural strategies of a lyric subject Ye.M. Tyuleneva Scheherazade's principle and the search for the Second in "The Symmetry Teacher" by Andrei Bitov D.L. Lakerbay Personal style as a "literary card" A.V. Markov Associative theory of the language by Gustav Shpet in the context of the development of visual media A.V. Chernov Journalistic "optics" in historical discourse. Leonid Parfyonov's and Mikhail Zygar's "historical writing". Part 2 Yu.V. Podkina Metaphor in journalistic text of economic topics
Science of language
I.Yu. Tret’yakova Occasional transformations of phraseological units: intensification of phraseological meaning O.Yu. Bogdanova Emotive aspect of the text dicteme name G.D. Neganova Actualisation of natural and geographical features of Kostroma lowland in dialect geographic lexis: the Volga – the Kostroma floodplain P.P. Vinogradova Lexico-semantic originality of appellation of ritual bread pastry of Kostroma territory T.V. Gorlova Archaic toponyms of the town of Nerekhta of Kostroma Region as the historical and geographical indicator (in terms of names of places of saltworks) L.A. Dmitruk On the status of some units of the lexical and phraseological fund of the Russian language (historical aspect) Ye.V. Tsvetkova The book "Apt Kostroma Word" by Nina Gantsovskaya as a source of knowledge on Kostroma toponymy S.A. Manik New lexicographic approaches to describe lexical meaning of socio-political terminology in the 21st century N.Yu. Tikhonova Revisiting the translation of non-equivalent legal terms T.G. Popova, S.A. Stepanov, M.V. Poluboyarova Lexico-semantic group of nouns "feeling" in the novel "Family Happiness" by Leo Tolstoy Ye.V. Sausheva Language identity of the captain in the story "The Dreams of Chang" by Ivan Bunin Ya.I. Sukhareva Features of the composite and speech organisation of the collection of stories of Mikhail Bulgakov "A Country Doctor's Notebook" Ye.A. Polyakova Translation of the nouns denoting "earth" in the Old English poem Beowulf N.V. Ivanova Enjambment in the poem "le voyage" by Charles Baudelaire and in the translation of Marina Tsvetaeva Ye.B. Volkova, I.A. Remennikova, Ye.A. Vecherinina Typical multicomponent compound sentences in the texts of mathematical works in Russian and Romanо-Germanic languages N.N. Zhuravlyova, L.A. Poputnikova, I.Yu. Yevdokimova Characteristic of the term "Ackerschlepper" (agricultural tractor) in the German language M.V. Zimina, M.V. Opolovnikova Metaphorical portrait of the president of Russia in the German printed media Ye.M. Dyomina The image of modern politician and the stylistic means of its creation (in terms of Marine Le Pen’s and Emmanuel Macron’s political discourses) Ye.V. Shlyahtina Euphemisation of the aging issue in the ad texts both in English and Russian (a case study of "Cosmopolitan") T.I. Yakunina Paroemiological means as structural elements of the phraseological semantic field "man"
Jural sciences
G.G. Bril' Modern view on the theory and practice of social conflicts legal resolution in the Soviet state (1917–1930s) R.S. Kashanskiy On the question of the functional nature of reservations to the law O.V. Zheleva, A.S. Tkach On the legal nature of criminal offence L.A. Shcherbich The subject of criminal activity: a forensic aspect S.Yu. Yushenkova The effect of blanket on the process of criminalisation of human trafficking in Russia E.I. Khakimov Suspension in the system of organisational (operational) sanctions of the Russian law D.A. Babichev On the discussion on the problems of the organisation of prosecutor's supervision of the law of decisions in operational investigative activities A.V. Kudryashova About the ratio of concepts "technique" and "organisation" in relation to Prosecutor's activity A.R. Muratova, A.M. Bagautdinova The question of the legal nature of an agreement for the development of a website