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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 3. 340 p.
History and archaeological sciences
S.A. Kurochkina One of the forms of glazed red clay ceramics of Selitrennoye site of ancient settlement S.B. Chernetsova, A.A. Andreyeva Limestone carved cross from the hamlet of Orlets – little known tombstone of medieval scabbling art of the Upper Volga S.L. Zyablova The origin of the jewellery industry of the village of Krasnoye in the second half of the 17th – the late 19th centuries O.S. Mutiyeva Experience of participation of Dagestani women in holding battles of the Caucasian War S.P. Koval’, P.N. Konovalenko Historical experience and the influence judicial reform 1864 on Russian society and the state V.V. Fortunatov, Ye.E. Platova Turning point in the life of Russia's unique testimonies of Petersburg Professor Aleksandr Brandt M.A. Shirshov IV Siberian corps in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904–1905 (battle on the Shahe River from September 22 to October 4, 1904) I.Ye. Strel’tsov State of the means of naval intelligence of the Baltic Fleet at the beginning of the World War I Ye.F. Tomina Agronomic activity of Orenburg Zemstvo in the period from 1913 to 1917 O.B. Pankratova, S.S. Pisanov Disfranchisement policy with regard to peasants in the 1920s–30s and its consequences V.A. Sel’skaya Culture and lifestyle of Yaroslavl workers, during the period of industrialisation M.A. Klinova Оrganised hiring of labourers: methods and the results of the decision of personnel problems in the second half of the 1940s Yu.S. Nikiforov, M.S. Kishchenkov, V.V. Tatochenko The context of interaction between the regions of the Upper Volga region and the centre in the era of the post-Stalinism "thaw" through the prism of historiography, archival documents and historical memory I.D. Frolov Ratio of the first and second demographic transition in the world as a factor of the migration crisis in the European Union A.S. Stoletova Activity of the writer Sergey Vikulov in the aspect of development of Vologda literary school of the period 1950s–1960s
Science of literature
Yu.V. Lebedev "A Sportsman's Sketches" in German artistic idea of the 2nd half of the 19th century (Commemorating Ivan Turgenev's 200th birth anniversary) G.I. Romanova Mythologeme of water in Ivan Turgenev's story "Torrents of Spring" A.A. Fedotova Nikolai Leskov’s historical essays poetics I.A. Ovchinina, I.A. Khromova Opera Libretto "The Power of the Fiend" by Alexander Ostrovsky (on the history of the text) V.V. Tikhomirov An example of polemic opposition (Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin and Nikolay Strakhov) T.B. Perfilova, M.B. Novikov Myth and myths formation issue in Fedor Buslaev’s investigations of the 2nd half of the 19th century I.A. Yedoshina Culture philosophy of the Russian Apocalypse: Fedor Buslaev and Vasily Rozanov A.S. Vlasov "…And God's Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters…" (marine symbolism in Anton Chekhov’s story "The Duel") Ye.A. Bazhanova Retrospection and its impact on understanding of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel "Mary" N.S. Grunina The Malay myth of dynasty origin in "Hikayat Seri Rama" of the 14th–16th centuries: Rama and Sita as the personification of ideal rulers N.V. Gladilin F.M.Klinger’s drama «Sturm und Drang» as the beginning of withdrawal from «Sturm und Drang» V.V. Korolyova "E. T. A. Hofman’s complex" in comic plays by Vladimir Solovyov ("White Lily", "Alsim" and "The Noble Revolt") I.V. L’vova "The Poetics of Immaturity" – the peculiarities of the presentation of the theme of youth in postwar American literature (John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, Jerome David Salinger, Philip Milton Roth) I.A. D’yachenko Man as a seeker of Being in Wystan Hugh Auden’s poem "Whither?" T.G. Kuchina, D.M. Ivanova Calligraphic motifs in the prose of Mikhail Shishkin A.V. Chernov Journalistic "optics" in a historical discourse. "The Historical Letter" by Mikhail Zygar and Leonid Parfyonov. Part 1.
Science of language
Ye.P. Andreyeva Reflection of Orthodox and pagan views of the world in Vologda patois Ye.V. Brysina Ethno-cultural potential of the dialect dictionary O.V. Vasil’yeva Nominations of a person in Pskov patois by means of words correlated with animals I.P. Verba Illustrations from works by Alexander Ostrovsky in Academy Dictionaries N.S. Gantsovskaya, G.D. Neganova In the footsteps of Gertsel’ Shklyar: fate of vocative form in Belarusian language (based on the poems by Maksim Bahdanovič) M.M. Kondratenko Features of national designations of time in patois of Western Bryansk Region (lexico-semantic and areal aspects) L.P. Mikhaylova On the search for the etymology of the unusual Russian word in the ethno-contact zone of the Karelian White Sea coast (прихохо́тье) Ya.V. Myznikova Game vocabulary in the patois of Ulyanovsk Region T.V. Pyatrova Inscriptions on the tombstones of the necropolises of the 19th and early 20th centuries of Belarus and Povolzhye region, as indicators of national and cultural identity Ye.G. Veselova Texts by Jefim Ĉestnjakov as source of studying of Kostroma patois: works of different genres S.V. Okulovskaya Lexis of patois of the Unzha River basin inhabitants interpreted by Ivan Kasatkin and its lexicographical representation Ye.G. Knyazeva The originality of the language of the artistic organisation of the short story «A Clump of Lilacs» by Alexander Kuprin Ya.I. Sukhareva Features of language organisation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s short story «The Khan’s Fire» T.M. Pchelina The research of the phonetic category "speaking voice" in contemporary linguistic works Ye.A. Yukhmina The study of the associative field structure of the computer terminology and a linguistic picture of the world of the joint Russian native speaker Ye.V. Zolinova Differences in the usage of the conjunctions though and although in Complex Sentences of Concession in Modern English (based on journalism) V.N. Kulik Some special features of using English terminological equivalents in a German medical scientific discourse (on the material of scientific medical articles) K.A. Kiyanova Methods of dialogisation of political public speeches (case-study of Angela Merkel’s public speeches) Anna Niu Lexemes "body constitution" and "body-build" in the Russian language in comparison with the Chinese language N.N. Ravochkin Politic discourse peculiarities
Jural sciences
V.G. Bespal'ko The political and legal thought of the Ancient Orient about the crime and punishable behaviour of the monarch N.V. Kuz'mina Specific types of ethnic juridical anti-culture A.M. Solntsev, G.S. Yesenbayeva Preventing the proliferation of ballistic missiles: international legal issues V.L. Kabanov The protection of the right to education of the Roma (Gypsy) children S.V. Kovalyova Merits and demerits of the concept of the social state at the present stage Ye.V. Voskresenskaya, Yu.S. Alekseyeva Regime of secret inventions: legal right issues and management P.M. Morkhat Legal personality of artificial intelligence unit: some civil-legal approaches D.A. Babichev Directorate of public prosecutions after legality of operatively-search decisions about documenting of criminal activity of the organised narco-groups S.V. Stefanishina Participation of third parties in legal relationships on the implementation of the obligations of the debtor in bankruptcy A.V. Kafiatulina Criminal record and deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities: issues of correlation M.V. Dedyuyeva Court consideration of disputes involving employers – individuals N.L. Khvalygina Counterclaim in arbitration and civil proceedings I.V. Orlovskaya Problems of law enforcement in case of violations of the legislation on environmental expertise in the construction of objects on the lands of specially protected natural areas S.V. Smirnov, P.Yu. Bekrenyov Informational and analytical functions in the system of regional public administration