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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 2. 378 p.
Historical sciences and archaeology
A.Yu. Butin On founding of the town of Nerekhta G.A. Meshcheryakov The creation of the Don military flotilla in 1733—1735 V.P. Bartov A critical overview of the results of religious activities of Count Aleksey Bobrinskiy in Tula Province in the late 19th century Ye.A. Dzhagaryan Moscow periodicals as a historical source for the study of the image of Moscow in the last third of the 19th—the early 20th century V.K. Romanovskiy On Nikolay Ustryalov’s stay in Perm Ye.N. Abovyan, V.V. Dzyuban Use of the potential of the occupied territory of Bryansk Region in the struggle between the Soviet and the German leadership in 1941—1943 V.A. Pecherskiy Fight against banditry in Siberia during the Great Patriotic War M.K. Osmayev On the issue of the training of skilled workers in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR during the Great Patriotic War O.N. Nekrylova, Ye.S. Dobrovol'skiy The concept of "Christian socialism" in the first programme documents of the Christian Democratic Union in West and East Germany A.V. Karpov Development of housing and communal services of Vologda Region in 1945—1953 D.I. Sazonov The state of clergy and the believers in the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1958—1988 as an indicator of religiosity of the USSR population (based on press materials of Central Russia) N.I. Gorlova Memoirs of public activists as a historical source of formation and development of natural volunteer movement in 1960s—1980s S.A. Kuskova Press-coverage of Nikita Khrushchev’s first trip to the USA by American and Soviet newspapers (on the example of "The New York Times" and "Pravda") Ye.N. Ionova The Issue of Latin-Americans’ education in the context of their assimilation (on the base of hearings in the US Congress in the early 1980s) N.S. Danyuk, Ye.V. Semibratov Approaches of Russia and the Western nations to appraisal of the Ukraine crisis events (2013—2014)
Science of literature
M.V. Yatsenko Old English poem "Daniel": peculiarities of the genre of Christian epic I.V. Sofronova Chuvash heroic epic "Ulyp": history and poetics S.V. Zhilyakov Archetype of the single combat image of in Old Rus' literature: the example of “The Tale of the Battle of Kulikovo” K.A. Chekalov “Immortals in our country” Novels by Xavier de Montépin and their Russian Translations Yu.S. Patronnikova Carolina Invernizio: some features of artistic manner (on the example of the novel “Dead Woman’s Kiss” (1896)) G.V. Tokarev Leo Tolstoy's ideas about religion vs faith A.P. Dmitriyev Nikolai Leskov and Nikita Gilyarov-Platonov: moments of unanimity and disagreement in the journalism of contemporaries A.Ye. Kunil'skiy Theme of "life" in Russian literature of the second half of the 19th century O.V. Belopukhova Ivan Turgenev and music. Horst-Jürgen Gerigk’s article about Ivan Turgenev Ye.A. Murtuzaliyeva The West European neo-romanticism and its assessment in Dmitry Merezhkovsky's work "Neo-Romanticism in the Drama" V.V. Korolyova Stylisation of tradition of E. T. A. Hoffmann in Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy's novella "The Vampire": (on the issue of E. T. A. Hoffmann's reception in the Russian literature of the 19th—the early 20th centuries) D.S. Lukin "War's Burden" by Leonid Andreyev in the context of his oeuvre A.V. Mishin A traveller as a politician and an analyst. Western authors about 1920s—1950s Russia S.A. Kuznetsov Body and face: corporality as a factor of human identity in the prose of Herta Müller A.S. Avrutina "Mahur Beste" trilogy by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar as an artistic unity S.L. Strashnov Verses in the mass-culture system F.F. Safarchiyeva Genre-terminological aspect of the theory of the modern Russian travelogue: travelogue vs "travel literature" A.A. Raskin Technique of the analysis of the leading German newspapers raising an immigration issue in Germany, on the example of publications about the Russian immigrants of the Internet version of the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”
Science of language
K.V. Pospelova Compounding and derivation in Old Frisian: synonymous terms and their features V.G. Lebedinskaya Vocabulary of the "Arkhangelsk Dress Book" of Archangel Michael Monastery N.S. Gantsovskaya, D.I. Alekseyev Jefim Ĉestnjakov’s painting as video sequence to his texts: ethnodialect aspect G.D. Neganova Grigoriy Mel’nichenko and Kostroma texts T.V. Gorlova Toponymics of a small provincial town of central Russia as a source of studying the processes of ethnogenesis and glottogenesis (by the example of the toponymic system of the town of Nerekhta, Kostroma Region) P.P. Vinogradova Kostroma territory vocabulary of lexis describing home-made bread (a project) L.A. Dmitruk Folklore and ritual vocabulary in Kostroma patois (based on Aleksandr Gromov's dictionary "Lexicon of flax growing, spinning and weaving in Kostroma patois along the River Unzha") Ye.V. Sen’ko, A.S. Chekoyeva The modern theory of loanwords: a terminological aspect M.Yu. Ryabova Some actual characteristics of English punctuation functions M.A. Nikulina On the assimilation of terminological borrowings in modern conditions Ye.B. Volkova, I.A. Remennikova, Ye.A. Vecherinina Comparative analysis of expressiveness of the texts of mathematical works in Russian and Romanо-Germanic languages Ye.M. Grigor’yeva Main development tendencies of modern New Zealand lexicography M.A. Zakharova, Ye.A. Isakovich The semantic structure of the lexemes "suit" and "costume" denoting different types of clothes: a comparative analysis M.A. Gatalova, F.I. Kartashkova Impolite non-verbal behavior of American businessmen M.V. Pankratova Grammatical and lexical interference mistakes in English written academic discourse of Russian bilinguals S.A. Manik, N.A. Shamova On creating learner’s reference book "Cinematography" (case study of the English language) O.A. Obraztsova Russian anthroponyms within the foreign audience N.Ye. Zarubina The role of evaluative vocabulary in creating the image of Russia in the Western mass media N.S. Gromova "Verbal extremism" and "hate speech" in the context of juridical linguistics functioning: the experience of the terminological analysis N.Y. Mospanova Verbal reflection of human feelings in the Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy’s idiolect V.A. Leonov Discourse of ironic detective story: wordplay attraction under a mask of irony D.I. Ivanov The specificity of "instrumental" cognitive-pragmatic attitudes of Alexander Bashlachev’s synthetic lingual personality Xu Mingyuan Euphemisms as a means of creating comic in jokes of the KVN ("Club of the Funny and the Inventive") S.A. Moskvichyova, Li Xue Putonghua and Sichuan dialect: interaction in communicative and social media of Sichuan Province T.G. Popova, S.A. Stepanov, M.V. Poluboyarova Lexical problems of translation in modern English, connected with the translation of compound words
Jural sciences
S.I. Sayenko Rulemaking in the post-Soviet states: the results of ignoring the expert and professional foundations of development A.B. Aleynikova Property and property right: sociohumanitarian approaches to research G.A. Manukyan Experience of international activity of subjects of Federal States of North America (by the example of Canada) R.A. Zagidulin Improvement of organisational and legal bases education in the Russian Federation M.S. Matasova The insignificance in the Russian Criminal Law: evaluation of the efficacy at the contemporary stage Yu.S. Kurochkina Problems of forensic investigative procedures with the use of video conferencing S.V. Stefanishina Status of third-parties when they perform pre-trial sanitation in bankruptcy S.P. Styopkin Problems of freedom of the agreement at air transportation of animal baggage by the example of PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines Z.Ye. Gromova Realisation of administrative responsibility in the field of judicial administration P.V. Sergeyev Application of internal statutes of religious organisations in civil legal relations M.V. Prokhorova Stonewalling and certain ceilings on entrepreneurial activity N.A. Redkov Discrimination in the working sphere Ya.V. Kolomnikova, N.V. Morgunova Labour migration: main problems and ways of their decision I.N. Mel'nikov The importance of legal propaganda for the implementation of youth policy in Russia I.N. Mel'nikov, L.A. Kukushkina The legal culture of modern Russian society and its role in the formation of electoral culture V.V. Ivanova, L.A. Kukushkina Ways to raise legal awareness among students of non-law departments
University scientific life
G.D. Neganova, I.P. Verba Regional lexicography as a means of presentation of the language of folkish culture: the 110th anniversary of the birth of Grigoriy Mel’nichenko