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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2018. Vol. 24. № 1. 294 p.
L.A. Spiridonova The great son of Russia L.V. Sumatohina Maxim Gorky on the incarnation of the national character as a special type of literary character N.N. Primochkina Semantics of character of evil spirit in work of М. Gorky Yu.M. Yegorova Myths, symbols and images in Maxim Gorky’s novel «Mother» Yu.U. Kaskina Transfiguration ability as Russian national character’s ability (based on the short story «Ice Drift» by Maxim Gorky, 1912) A.G. Plotnikova «Cinema of the future» – the unrealised project of Maxim Gorky G.E. Propolyanis Maxim Gorky in 1917 T.R. Gavrish Home as a factor in personality formation (on the material of the Maxim Gorky’s novel «The Life of Klim Samgin») O.V. Shugan Old and new Caucasus seen by Maxim Gorky (feature articles «Across the Soviet Union») O.V. Bystrova Maxim Gorky’s report of at the First Congress of Soviet writers: a glance from the 21st century Ye.V. Kudrina A drama of Isaac Babel’s «Maria» in the evaluation of Maxim Gorky A.I. Smirnova The problem of the Russian soul and the type of the main character in the short stories «Konovalov» by Maxim Gorky and «Black Swans» by Gaito Gazdanov Ye.A. Murtazaliyeva Maxim Gorky and Anton Chekhov in Dmitry Merezhkovsky’s assessment (on material of the article «Chekhov and Gorky») L.I. Shchelokova The traditions of Maxim Gorky in the journalism of 1941–1945 M.R. Nenarokova Dramatic personae in translations of the play «The Lower Depths» by Мaxim Gorky into Danish: translation challenges (in terms of texts by Jakob Jakobsen and Ejnar Thomassen) S.M. Demkina Maxim Gorky: museum image – potential and realisation
S.A. Simatova Martin Heidegger’s philosophy of language as one of the preconditions for the structural and dynamic approach in linguistics Zh.V. Marfina Value-axiological realisation of micro-concepts husband, wife in the Ukraine and the Russian paroemiological world-images O.V. Kazakova Typological and specific prosodic features of English varieties in India and Hong Kong Ma Xiangfei Hail in the perception of Chinese people on the background of its comprehension by the Russian Anna Niu The words for stature, torso and their evaluation in the Russian language in comparison with the Chinese V.A. Yakovleva Advertising discourse from the perspective of linguistic and extra-linguistic characteristics. Structural and gender aspects of onomatopoeic advertising discourse A.K. Denisova The peculiarities of lexical-syntactic repetitions in author’s speech (on the material of modern German literature) O.V. Shkuran Sacral and desacral in the linguistic area T.G. Popova, O.V. Mingaleva Extralinguistic knowledge as speech communication components Ye.G. Knyazeva Dialogical discourse and semantic synthesis M.A. Trushkov General and various in semantics of lexemes tipichnyj, tipicheskij, tipivoj M.S. Mironovich The name of the material and monetary relations in wedding rites of Kaluga Region A.V. Blohin, T.S. Kurkina The use of the expressive and stylistic possibilities of grammatical forms in Leo Tolstoy’s novel «War and Peace»
V.Yu. Yakovlev On the birthplace of the father of Mikhail Lermontov: source study criticism of the myth I.S. Menshchikov, T.G. Pavlutskikh Features of the consciousness of Russian peasants and potato riots of 1842–1843 A.V. Novikov, Yu.V. Katyshev Public and business activities of Kineshma manufacturer Ivan Aleksandrovich Mindovskiy in the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries R.V. Konyayev Omsk military region leadership training for the World War I front-line forces M.V. Novikov Motives of mass «White» volunteering in 1918 (based on Anton Denikin’s memoirs) V.A. Sel’skaya Assistance of foreign specialists during the period of industrial formation of the chemical industry of Yaroslavl Region (1920s–30s) A.M. Trofimova The Old Bolsheviks’ Society: from Lenin’s Old Guard to Stalin’s propaganda lecturers S.A. Zhevalov Procurement of milk in the USSR during the World War II (East Front), in 1941–1945 A.V. Karpov Social infrastructure objects’ condition in Vologda Region in the late 1940s – early 1950s S.A. Kuskova Press-coverage of preparation period of the first Khrushchev’s trip to the USA by American and Soviet newspapers (On the example of «The New York Times» and «Pravda») L.Ye. Tikhonova Russian Federal election legislation in 1993–1995: the historical aspect
Jural sciences
L.M. Churkina The legal regulation of the territorial disputes A.D. Gulyakov The post-colonial model of federalism (India being as an example) S.I. Sayenko Standard subject in science about police: political and legal vectors of development Yu.G. Kalyanova Powers of the subjects of the Russian Federation in relation to organisation of local self-government: scope and limitations F.M. Kobzaryov, Ye.V. Smirnova The jury trial in Russia expands, but problems remain V.V. Glushkov On the issue of organising activity, and work of the Russian Federation’s disctrict courts T.S. Kovalenko Protection of human and civil rights and freedoms as a basis for interaction between the court, the procuracy and advocacy F.G. Aminev Problems of use of special knowledge in protection of the rights and legitimate interests of persons which carry out an entrepreneurial activity O.N. Artyushina, M.V. Prokhorova Legal nature of the contract on surrogacy K.V. Cherkasov, Ye.A. Kolomeychenko Staffing of waterway transport in Russia: some legal and administrative aspects A.E. Karimullina Features of civil liability for breach of insurance obligation L.V. Mikhaylova On the expediency of including the captain of a sea vessel in the list of operational search activities
University scientific life
Yu.V. Lebedev In memoriam Professor Aleksandr Ivanovich Gruzdev (on the occasion of 110 years of the birth) T.I. Nigmetzyanov Political, social and national demands of Jan Hus in the studies of Antonina Sergeyevna Sazonova Ye.A. Fleyman Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia: origins and formation A.N. Shigareva Reformation in interpretation of enlighteners of the 18th century I.A. Yedoshina Pyotr Kudryavtsev, a researcher of German Humanism and Reformation