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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 4. 318 p.
History and archaeological sciences
Yu.N. Lyubimtsev Purposes and ways of organising the Delian League (part 2) A.A. Mayorov The emergence of the structures of Church administration on the territory of the basin of Upper Oka in the 10th—first half of the 13th century S.A. Kabatov, S.A. Kurochkina The signs on the fishing gear of the Vezhi settlement G.N. Kocheshkov, P.N. Agrafonov Is Yaroslavl the city of «mansions» or of «dungeons»? The foreign exile and the prisoners of war in the territory of Yaroslavl land (the 15th to the 19th centuries) M.N. Pavlova Typology of private collecting in the historical and cultural context of Russia in the 18th – the early 20th centuries A.N. Turygin, L.V. Khabibova Pan-Germanists and monarchy: criticism and vision of prospect M.V. Sil’yanov Russian-French harmonisation of the late 19th century in the light of public opinion: historiographical evaluations A.M. Belov The Russian revolution of 1917 in the province (on materials of the Kostroma province) A.A. Rybin Historiographical overview on the research topic: «Workforce from Central Russia in Kazakhstan Virgin Lands Campaign in 1954—1964 (based on the materials of Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions)» E.N. Nezhigay Organisational bases of activity of bodies of the Soviet political censorship Ye.N. Ionova The role of Latinos in the enactment of the civil rights law in the USA
Science of literature
I.V. Ershova «Si oviesse buen señor!»: Ideal sovereign in medieval Spanish chronicle and epic Ye.V. Zimina Scottish politics in the mirror of poetry V.V. Tikhomirov Konstantin Aksakov on verbal creative work essence A.A. Fedotova Leo Tolstoy’s «The Kreutzer Sonata» in Nikolai Leskov’s perception: unfulfilled desires I.A. Ovchinina New approaches to making up the Complete edition of Alexander Ostrovsky’s works and letters Ye.N. Belyakova Recreancy motif in Alexander Ostrovsky’s historical chronicle «Tushino»: on plot’s genealogy (in terms of the play’s draft) N.L. Yermolayeva Historical plays by Alexander Ostrovsky about impostors in Russian criticism of 1860s—1870s Ye.A. Murtazaliyeva On the question of a genre originality and poetics of a sketch of Dmitry Merezhkovsky «Ibsen» N.N. Ivanov Motifs and images of national culture in the prose of Russian neo-realism A.N. Koptsov Feature article genre in the creative work of Alexander Serafimovich before the October Revolution Ye.A. Ogorodnikova «Nocturne» genre in Igor Severyanin’s collection of poetry «The Cup of Thunder» N.G. Koptelova Comprehension of the October revolution in the addressed lyrics of Zinaida Gippius in 1917—1918 V.V. Korolyova «Hoffmann’s complex» in work of Vsevolod Meyerhold O.N. Ushakova Figurative representation of banishment motive in emigrant poetry of G.V. Ivanov: traditional and innovative O.Ya. Alekseyeva Vladimir Mayakovsky in literary critical articles by Vyacheslav Polonsky: based on the materials of the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art K.V. Abramova «Ecphrasticmark» in the novel by B. Pasternak «Lyuvers’Childhood» I.A. Gasanov Symbols of childhood as a universal means of assessing the world and life in the lyrical poetry of Nikolay Nekrasov and Sayyid Gabiyev I.A. Yedoshina The Russian Far East and the Solovki special camp in the lives of priest Pavel Florensky and writer Mikhail Prishvin N.L. Samosyuk Conceptual unity of the artistic world of pictures of Marc Chagall and the short story by Emir Kusturica «Embrace of the Serpent» Ye.M. Tyuleneva To the issue of internal processes in the author’s supertext of Sasha Sokolov. Article 2: Destruction of the dialogue A.S. Bokarev The structure of the author’s self in the poetry of Boris Ryzhy
Science of language
T.V. Toporova On the homonymy in the «Elder Edda» T.M. Pchelina Speaking voice as the basic category of oral speech in ancient rhetoric Ye.N. Ivanova Onomastic morpheme formation in the monastery business writing in the region of Lake White, North Russia, from the late 14th to the 15th century O.R. Rostov, T.A. Lobanova, Yu.A. Borisova The role of the coherent constructions by the conjunction AND in the discovery of pregnant-artistic brainchild: the axiological aspect (in terms of the story by Vladimir Dahl «To Whom Does Life Feel Good: for a Drunk One or for a Sober One?») L.V. Ukhova, L.A. Guseva «New meanings of old words»: the issue of the status of the word «rhetoric» I.Yu. Tret’yakova On the issue of occasional transforming potency of phraseological units: transforming activity of phraseologisms with the somatism «eye» Ye.G. Knyazeva Expressing subjective modality in a communicant’s speech M.N. Fedulova Juristic terminology as terminological science’s constituent L.A. Batashyova, Z.R. Agleyeva Indirect colour nominations and features of their functioning when advertising clothes M.M. Kaplina, S.A. Zhezlova Тext of the modern foreign mass media: lexical aspect (a case study of German and French mass media texts) N.D. Milovskaya German daily life lexical anecdote Wortwitz about children: peculiarities of verbal intercourse of their characters, recurrent ways of humorous effect creation A.K. Denisova Types of lexical-syntactic repetition in German literary Text M.Yu. Kornilova The main informative types of sentence of the general character in an artistic discourse (on material of the English language) Ndoye Mame Saye On the question of “wordness” of the component of the idiom (on the material of phraseological units with general components in the Russian, the French and the Wolof languages) S. Ragasova Islamic themes words in the Russian language dictionairies Ye.N. Makarova Sociolinguistic factors and their effect on second language acquisition D.I. Ivanov A rock band name conseptualisation nature within the synthetic lingual personality verbal component S.V. Maslennikov Dialogical unities in historical chronicles by Alexander Ostrovsky: structure – semantics – functioning Ye.V. Sausheva Metaphor role in communicative process
Jural sciences
A.I. Levchenkov Right (law) in the context of understanding it N.S. Shcherova The practice of implementation of legislation on the press in the early 20th century (the example is Nizhny Novgorod Province) P.Yu. Bekrenyov On the selection of a theoretical model of local government D.A. Babichev Notion of decisions made in law-enforcement bodies divisions’ operational search activity Ye.Yu. Koval’kova New rules for protecting the rights and interests of participants in shared construction A.S. Lukomskaya The сoncept and legal nature of the term «victim». Victim of an environmental crime N.L. Ivanova Characteristics of the essence of modern appeal in civil proceedings: concept, types, present status M.Yu. Cherkova Legal consequences of the prosecutor’s refusal of the prosecution for the victim and the court
University scientific life
A.M. Belov On the history of the Russian revolution A.A. Solov’yov The Russian Orthodox Church in February 1917 Ye.Yu. Volkova What good was 1917 Revolution for Russian women? A.Ye. Kidyarov The February Revolution of 1917 and public sentiment O.B. Pankratova Historical aspect of revolution of 1917: Kostroma press about some facts of the period of a diarchy in Kostroma V.V. Chekmaryov Revolutions from the point of view of radicla economic changes in provision of the necessary facilities of life A.A. Turygin The Russian Revolution of 1917 in the German historiography: traditional estimates and new interpretations A.Ye. Kidyarov Kostroma in 1917: new documents T.V. Sas’kova On specifics of perception of Western European cultural aesthetic phenomena at the intersection of exalted literature and pulp fiction