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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 3. 308 p.
Archaeology and historical sciences
Yu.N. Lyubimtsev Purposes and ways of organising the Delian League (part 1) A.K. Gladkov «In accord with natural condition and God’s law»: «ius naturale» interpretation in English political thought in the late 13th to early 14th centuries A.A. Mayorov The Vyatichi territorial groups in the 8th to 12th centuries N.D. Chekulayev, M.B. Abdusalamov The True Cross fortress garrison troops supply system (1722—1735) O.S. Mutiyeva Social support of female widows during the Caucasian War (in terms of Dagestan) Ye.M. Petrovicheva, S.S. Kharitonov Political-legal views of Ivan Kharlamov, a Populist M.B. Abekhtikova The Russian Orthodox Church spiritual educational institutions students’ strength and social composition at the turn of the 19th—20th centuries G.B. Azamatova Organisation of Zemstvo schools in the late 19th — early 20th centuries: concerning morals and manners as well as funds K.O. Dimoni Published historical sources about the history of traditional transport system of Vologda province in the second half of the 19th — the early 20th centuries V.I. Levin Railroad workers’ diseases of and struggling to contain epidemics V.V. Fortunatov Reflections of the last Tsarist communication lines minister Eduard Kriger-Voynovsky on Russian revolution D.I. Sazonov Development of parish community life in the Russian Orthodox Church and its features from 1918 to 1988 Ye.A. Novikov Historiography of handicraft industry in Russia O.B. Pankratova, S.S. Pisanov State policy aimed at disfranchisement of peasantry in the 1920s to 1930s A.S. Orlova The image of the «internal enemy» in 1941—1945 cinema as a reflection of the ideological policy of the Soviet state (in terms of feature films about the World War II East Front) Ye.N. Ionova Discussions of a terminological definition of Latin Americans in American public authorities N.S. Mayorova Image of Napoléon Bonaparte in the school textbooks N.I. Gorlova Modern trends of the institute of volunteerism in Russia N.S. Danyuk The Russian Federation as an object of a «colour revolution» scenario in the context of the US foreign policy approaches
Science of literature
O.A. Svetlakova Epic and idyllic in mock world of «The House of Jealousy» by Cervantes Ye.N. Vasil’yeva Di Guasco brothers and French editions of «Satyres» by Antioh Cantemir K.S. Romanova Perception of Oriental cultural and religious realities in travel sketches «Constantinopole» by Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier and «Bird’s Shadow» by Ivan Bunin I.A. Shishkova Victorian world etiquette in the writing of Charlotte Mary Yonge Ye.V. Mazova Old Scottish ballad «Thomas the Rhymer» through the prism of the novel «The Children’s Book» by A.S. Byatt Cao Xuemei, O.V. Def’ye The image and motifs of «China brain» in works of Russian writers of the XVIII century O.V. Shatalova Classical phraseology and grammar as Alexander Pushkin’s language personality component V.V. Tikhomirov Scientific and sociocultural reception of the fairytale play «The Snow Maiden» by Alexander Ostrovsky in 20th and early 21st centuries O.A. Alferova Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Strakhov T.G. Kuchina Boris Pasternak and Vladimir Mayakovsky in Bella Akhmadulina’s lyrical system of intertextual connections A.S. Vinogradov The sound of the mythopoetic space in early creative works by Boris Pasternak D.S. Gromatikopolo Socialist Realism rhetoric system and Soviet poetry Ye.M. Tyuleneva To the issue of internal processes in the author’s supertext of Sasha Sokolov. Article 1: Transformation of the motive R.Yu. Karatayev Consequences of Russia’s conversion to digital broadcasting for the regional TV
Science of language
R.V. Razumov Personal memoratives to writers, poets and literary critics in urbanonymic systems of the Russian Federation M.V. Katynskaya, A.V. Zamyatina The issue of complex approach to political public speech T.G. Popova, S.A. Stepanov, M.V. Poluboyarova Terminological intensial Ye.V. Sausheva The role of linguistic picture of world in the process of communication Z.R. Alkhastova Dictionaries of quotations in English writers’ lexicography A.O. Gal’chenko, A.O. Stanchulyak The perlocutionary approach to the gender-based specifics in the emotional and evaluative vocabulary usage in advertisement texts D.M. Dreyeva, A.I. Otroshenko English tense forms as seen in the context of translation (exemplified by the first chapter of the gospel of Luke in John Wycliffe and William Tyndale) Ye.B. Volkova, I.A. Remennikova, Ye.A. Vecherinina Comparative analysis of attributive complex sentences with non-defining relative clauses in Russian and Romance-and-Germanic languages (on the material of mathematical works) L.A. Poputnikova, V.P. Tampey Analysis of structure and features of formation of canine-research or K9 terminology in the German language A.Ye. Kuptsov Intensifying particles as means of topic labeling in a Spanish and a Russian sentence Ye.V. Lupanova Military phraseological units as means of creating a positive image of the representative of the US military society N.A. Nechayeva Subjective factors of integration processes in the language of the economy O.V. Mingaleva Metaphorical models of a political discourse N.S. Gromova Verbal extremism: the problem of the boundaries of the term M.N. Fedulova Dynamic character of a discourse S.N. Kalegin Verbs and verbal formations as the syntactic basis of the text S.V. Maslennikov Onomastical space in historical pieces written by Alexander Ostrovsky S.Ye. Lyubimova Anthroponyms created by science fiction authors: semantics and structure peculiaritis (in terms of novels by Aleksey Tolstoy, Alexander Belyaev, Grigory Adamov, Yuriy Dolgushin)
Jural sciences
T.S. Kovalenko Influence of Russian experience in organising judicial system on the judiciary of Lugansk People’s Republic N.A. Babicheva Signs of statehood in the context of the recognition of the Lugansk People’s Republic by the international community A.M. Grachyova The imperfection of international and Russian legislation on the status of refugees S.P. Zhdanov On discussion about a specialist’s participation in law enforcement P.Yu. Bekrenyov The implementation of the principle of independence of local government (financial and legal aspects) D.A. Osipov On the rights and duties of commissioner of legislative authority of constituent entity of the Russian Federation in interparliamentary association A.G. Sirotkin Property rights of a personal nature in the Russian civil law M.L. Truhina Brief description of the main types of mortgages in Germany A.S. Kravtsov Problems of perfecting of administrative-delictual legislation in the conditions of information society A.V. Kafiatulina Deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities: the problem of timing V.V. Pavlyukov The legal and organizational bases of using a unified information-analytical system in the internal affairs agencies I.G. Chapaykina Evolution of the local government institutions in Russia during the second half of the 19th century
University scientific life
B.V. Petelin The unequal fight V.G. Andreyeva Alexander Pushkin oeuvre and being genius enough «to know where to stop» in the second half of the 19th century