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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2017. Vol. 23. № 2. 222 p.
A.I. Chernykh Concepts «boni» and «amicitia» as categories of elitism within Gallo-Roman aristocracy of the 5th century A.D. S.A. Kabatov, S.A. Kurochkina Kostroma Volga region rural population’s fishing equipment (on Vyozhi remainings’ archaeological research materials) M.V. Kochergina, V.V. Dzyuban Spiritual relationships with believers of Chernigov and Mogilev governorates of the Russian Empire with their coreligionists in Bukovina, Moldova and Romania M.V. Kochergina Copper plastic art monuments from Starodub and Vetka surroundings Old Believers’ spiritual centres: issues of attribution and peculiarities of being current among the Old Believers S.V. Arhipov The issue of the land colonisation policy of Russia in the 19th century: organisational and legal support I.S. Menshchikov, V.A. Maksimov Social deviations in a Russian peasant family in the second half of the 19th — the early 20th century (materials of local courts) I.D. Tanasov Произведена ретракция статьи - 10.11.2021 г. Social composition of Penza Mutual Loan Association in the years of new economical policy A.V. Karpov Social sphere of a post-war provincial town (in terms of Cherepovets) N.S. Danyuk «Colour revolutions» as a tool of the U.S. foreign policy for ensuring global dominance in the context of the emerging new world order N.I. Gorlova Olympic movement volunteers in Russia: historiography issue
A.V. Anashkin Epistolary trace in Byzantine church canonical erotapokriseis of XIIth century (on the material of canonical erotapokriseis by Niketas, metropolitan of Herakleia) A.V. Golubkov Beside Molière: the French «Ridiculous Précieuses» in the 1650s – 1660s N.F. Lishchenko Prerevolutionary regional materials on folkish holidays (in terms of publications on Yuletide in Pskov governorate) A.I. Basenko «That’s my favourite play…»: the premiere of the play «Parasha Sibiryachka» written by Nikolai Polevoi on the theatre stage and in the literary criticism Yu.V. Lebedev At the cradle of Alexander Ostrovsky’s drama N.G. Koptelova Dmitry Filosofov’s review of Moscow Art Theatre staging «Uncle Vanya» by Anton Chekhov (1901) in the context of spiritual and aesthetic searches of the Russian symbolists O.N. Ushakova Music concept in collection of poetry «Embarcation for Cythera» by Georgy Ivanov in the lights of Russian classic poetry tradition Ye.P. Rashchevskaya Daniil Andreyev’s journalistic style and the traditions of the Russian Silver Age artistic synthesis A.S. Morozov The narrative features of the early works by Andrei Bitov (collection of short stories «Pharmaceutical Island» and the novel «He Is Me») Ya.Yu. Muratova The myth in the story «Ragnarok. The end of the Gods» by A. S. Byatt: the narrative specifics I.V. Peshkov The origin of category of authorship and casus of Shakespeare A.N. Koptsov The «working» theme in the early prose of Alexander Serafimovich
Ye.G. Knyazeva Cognitive linguistic mechanisms of a speech act A.V. Zvyagintseva Conceptual sphere of the text and levels of its realisation I.V. Odintsova On the problem of correlation of the notions «text» and «discourse» in linguistics and linguodidactics O.A. Yevtushenko Specifics of cooperative communicative strategy in the administrative discourse K.S. Kryukova Functioning of transformed proverbs in the Internet space: the genre aspect O.R. Rostov, P.M. Tamayev Live word as a expression of the folkish identity in observations and in the treatment of Vladimir Dahl: key concepts of patriotism and organisation of Russian life Yu.A. Vasil’yeva Ergonymicon of the City of Astrakhan: lexical-semantic and word-formation characteristics Ye.V. Gvozdeva, N.S. Zhuravlyova The study of literary texts containing the dialect lexis in the class of Russian as a foreign language N.N. Zhuravlyova, Ye.A. Krasil’shchik, L.A. Poputnikova Grammatical transformations in translation from Germanic languages into Russian (on the examples of mechanical engineering web texts) A.B. Chernyshyov Dative model in the French language set phrases Z.T. Azizova Linguoculture, symbolising the peculiarities of Islamic culture in the Russian historical novel (based on the works of Vasily Yan «Genghis Khan»)
T.S. Kovalenko Judicial independence: stumbling blocks and ways to overcome them O.N. Artyushina, M.V. Prokhorova Certain surrogacy issues in Russia V.A. Glazkov The problem of democracy in the conditions of formation of the statehood of the so-called Lugansk People’s Republic A.I. Levchenkov Corruption as a shade regulator of social relations in transition-type states S.V. Smirnov Information and analytical activities of local government: political and legal research O.N. Artyushina, Ye.I. Lyovin Certain issues of using a local referendum as a sovereignty-of-the-people form D.M. Shirokov, A.M. Shirokov On the subject of criminalistics from the standpoint of prosecutorial activity D.I. Provalinskiy Grants – development pathways: Russian and foreign experience N.A. Atesheva, V.V. Golubev The procedure of acquiring lawyer’s status: experience of Russia and foreign countries Ye.A. Tsyplyonkov Issue of understanding a jural and a jurisdictional fact within the framework of Russian judicial power: problematic aspects and opportunity Ye.A. Tsyplyonkov, A.V. Shindyapin Jural facts: their content’s and interpretation’s topical aspects
University scientific life
A.G. Arutyunyan, S.G. Petikyan Axiological peculiarities of the Constitution of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (the Republic of Artsakh) and challenges of further constitutionalism development