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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 6.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 6. 269 p.
G.N. Kocheshkov, P.G. Agrafonov «Russian foreigners» of the 18th century and Yaroslavl region M.V. Kochergina, V.V. Dzyuban Charity and patronage of art and literature among Russian Old Believers: a regional issue A.A. Tabachenko Activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in aiding the wounded warriors in the beginning of the World War I (August to December, 1914) A.S. Knyazev The formation and functioning of regional archives in the Upper Volga (on materials of Kostroma, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Yaroslavl Province): 1918—1929 V.V. Dzyuban, M.V. Kochergina The old believers’ community of Starodubye and Vetka in the 1940s: the hard path of recovery S.M. Zinchuk The main directions of state Church relations in the USSR in 1946—1953 E.N. Nezhigay Realisation of functions of festive culture by means of revolutionary holidays in the Soviet Russia (regional aspect) S.M. Usmanov The intelligentsia members and the intellectuals in the modern world: the discussion issues and variations of scientific interpretation
M.V. Yatsenko Old English poem “Daniel” in the Context of the Codex Junius A.V. Golubkov At the beginnings of the «preciosité»: French gallant topography in the 1650s G.Yu. Filippovskiy «A Song about Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, the Young Oprichnik, and the Valorous Merchant Kalashnikov»: aspects of epic typology V.V. Ivanov A short story as a power-structural kernel of a polyphonic novel M.I. Shcherbakova Kostroma in Nikolay Strakhov’s life Ye.N. Stroganova Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin and contemporary authoresses V.V. Tikhomirov «The Snow Maiden» by Alexander Ostrovsky: the problems of estimation and interpretation (1873—1900) Z.Ya. Kholodova Mikhail Prishvin’s artistic outlook: the folklore aspect A.N. Koptsov On the poetics of the novel «By the Cold Sea» by Alexander Serafimovich Ye.A. Ogorodnikova Genre of elegy in Igor Severyanin’s poetic collection «The Cup of Thunder» A.S. Bokarev Hieroglyphic word in the lyrics of Leonid Aronson G.S. Zharnikov The mystery play and the farce of the Russian Revolution (on Isaac Babel’s «Red Cavalry») A.S. Morozov «The House on the Embankment» by Yury Trifonov and «In One Breath» by Vladimir Makanin: the narrative parallels T.G. Kuchina, D.N. Akhapkina To Convert the Existence into the Word: Homo scribens in the prose of Eugene Vodolazkin S.L. Strashnov On the main trends of modern poetic feuilleton N.V. Zakharova Orthodox text’s translation from Russian into the Chinese in the late 19th century. On the question of creature of the literary translation in Russia L.P. Gadzaova Comparative analysis of the ballad of F. Schiller «Gero and Léandre» and her literary poetic translation of V. V. Levik as means of development by students of art of the translation
I.Yu. Tret’yakova Towards the question of occasional transforming potential of verbal phraseological units Ye.N. Yermakova, M.V. Prokopova Phrase-formation potential of the lexemes denominating monetary units Ye.R. Guseva Particularal lexemes нале, ноли and derivatives (accoring to Northern Russian patois) L.G. Zolotykh, M.A. Firsova Language aggression as a component of modern media space (based on the Russian TV program «However») L.V. Ukhova, L.A. Guseva Tolerance: the problem of understanding words D.Yu. Ivanov, S.Z. Itkulov Verbal component as a synthetic language personality in Russian nonsense literature of the late 20th century M.M. Stepanova, Ye.V. Kovalyova Comparative analysis of memes as modern paremiological units in Russian, English and Spanish Internet discourse T.V. Levina, N.A. Naumova Epenthesis in modern English: a survival of the past or a future tendency? A.V. Shitikova Original and modified proverbs in the German press V.N. Babayan Dialogue as a specific form of dyadic interpersonal interaction
T.V. Gubayeva, L.A. Gumerov The system of principles of legal regulation of scientific and technical sphere Z.Z. Gumerova The idea of law as determinant of legal education O.V. Aksyonova About some problematic aspects of legislative support of the norms of Civil law R.Yu. Zakirov Legal succession in obligations’ legal relationship A.N. Klimova On the concept and signs of entrepreneurial activity K.M. Suleymanova Statutory construction as a law mechanism of a just rendition proceeding N.A. Nozdrina, N.N. Kharitonova Bodies of «control branches of government» in the Russian Federation S.I. Sayenko The norm of administrative law in the spectrum of modern doctrinal interpretations D.A. Babichev Information support units CID in the Russian Federation and in the unrecognised state of Lugansk People’s Republic: a comparative analysis V.V. Pavlyukov Operative face recognition for photo, video and audio data: perspectives for implementation of modern technologies in the activity of law enforcement authorities S.V. Rozenko Medical and other assistance to the victim immediately after the crime, voluntary compensation for material and moral damage caused as a result of a crime, other actions directed on smoothing down of harm, caused to the victim as a circumstance mitigating criminal punishment T.S. Lebedeva On the role of the commissions on affairs of minors and on protection of their rights in implementation of technologies of juvenile justice T.N. Martynova, O.V. Sgibneva Current trends of judicial practice on disputes connected with the termination of the employment contract by agreement of the parties G.G. Bril’ Emergence and resolving of the social and economic conflicts in Soviet state: theoretical-legal aspect
V.G. Andreyeva Role and the place of the Kostroma earth in destinies of the Russian writers O.V. Gorokhova Kostroma merchants’ genealogy (concept study) Timing to our educators’ jubilee: Mikhail Sinyazhnikov, Konstantin Buldakov, Vladimir Milovidov O.A. Lebedeva Of those who I remember and love I.V. Golubeva Vladimir Leonidovich Milovidov: the historian and his epoch A.N. Shigareva Mikhail Nikitich Belov’s creative work in terms of post-WW II period of the Soviet local historiography potential A.V. Novikov Labour movement history in scientific heritage of Russian history department of Nekrasov Kostroma State Pedagogic Institute