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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 4. 276 p.
A.A. Mayorov Migratory processes in Verkhovye (the Upper Oka) area in the 8th—12th centuries M.A. Lukoyanova Planning and construction of district towns of Saratov Province in the late 18th century—1870s S.A. Safronov Carl Andreas Koefoed, one of the ideologists of Pyotr Stolypin’s agrarian reform S.A. Chetverikov Polish political exiles of 1863 in Orenburg Province A.Ye. Kidyarov Murom anti-Soviet riot in 1918 A.S. Knyazev Financial provision of employees of provincial archive bureaus of the Upper Volga: 1918—1922 A.V. Nerovnyi The participation of Australian troops in the North Russia intervention 1918-1919 E.M. Petrovicheva, I.S. Tryakhov Demographic situation in Vladimir and Ivanovo Regions in 1939—1945: dynamics and changing characteristic S.V. Aristov Klooga concentration camp: the central branch in Vaivara system E.N. Ryzhkov Adam Bruno Ulam and other American historians on some aspects of Soviet foreign policy after World War II and the origins of the Cold war E.D. Makeeva Characteristic features of management of nature protection in the regions of the RSFSR in the 1960—1980s (historical aspect) V.Yu. Bochko Political parties of the United States of America on Texas territory as an element of integration (1845–1861)
Yu.V. Lebedev Christian and Russian folklore motifs in Nikolay Nekrasov’s poetry E.V. Shashkova, G.P. Talashov The main stages of studying Nikolay Nekrasov’s life and literary works by Vladislav Yevgen’yev-Maksimov N.V. Volodina Leo Tolstoy’s novel «War and Peace» in the evaluation of Nikolay Akhsharumov (article one) O.A. Alferova Leo Tolstoy and Ernest Howard Crosby I.A. Yedoshina, E.A. Afanasyeva Odyssey of winged words (popular maxims): Alexander Ostrovsky, Sergey Maksimov, Nikolay Ashukin E.Yu. Kozmina The problem of the typology of geographical adventure novel E.N. Belyakova Peculiarities of interpretation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “The Idiot” in в critiques by Оrest Miller (Russian literature studies’ scientific method in the making) E.V. Gorobets Depiction of the fundamental nature of the world through images of sound in Konstantin Balmont’s lyrics L.Yu. Strel’nikova The idea of “eternal return” as a game with the values of life in the novel “Mary” V.A. Marfina Colour category in graphics and novellas by Tove Jansson M.I. Plyutova The reviving images in the novel «The Adventurer» by Alexander Grin M.Yu. Yegorov Metafictional functions of the epistolary narrative in «The Zone» by Sergei Dovlatov A.A. Ashurbekov Preconditions of origin of Tabasaran prose
R.V. Razumov Urbanonymic systems of the Russian Federation: typology of models A.S. Polyakov Revisiting the content of concept “Ethnonym” V.G. Lebedinskaya Dialectology, regionymics: change of paradigms in the conditions of the polycultural region K.S. Kryukova Features of contrast expression in the transformed versions of proverbs S.V. Okulovskaya Works by Ivan Kasatkin as a source of studying dialect lexis of the Upper Unzha area (ethnolinguistic aspect) T.G. Popova, O.V. Mingaleva, I.G. Anikeyeva Metaphor as associative tool and the object of interpretation and speech perception T.G. Popova, E.V. Sachkova Metaphor in poly-style aspect E.I. Putyatina The contextual synonymy functioning in a text and in its discourse I.S. Popova Types of oral speech in German speech discourse K.V. Arhipov, V.A. Kameneva The addressee and addresser conception of the governmental web sites of the English-speaking countries O.Ya. Dobrovolskaja Phonographic variability of the Middle English occupational terms L.V. Ermakova Argumentation as a type of speech impact in mass media discourse S.O. Daminova Linguostylistic peculiarities of titles of popular science chemistry papers in English A.N. Koptsov Language eclecticism as a feature marking the modern genre of “Russian Chanson” as reflected in the creative song poetics of Elena Vaenga A.V. Alekseyev Information encoding by means of abbreviation in the virtual space (in English and German texting) T.V. Pashkova «Evil eye» phenomenon in the folkish medicine of the Karelians
A.Ya. Neverov On the question of the need to define the vector of further development of the modern Russian society T.N. Martynova, O.V. Sgibneva Legal regulation of the guarantee and compensation payments to employees in labour law of the Russian Federation A.M. Solntsev Protection of environmental human rights in the context of the internationalisation of constitutional law D.A. Kruglov International legal bases of providing a human right on health in the conditions of disasters V.V. Bushnev On the question of some aspects of the world experience of innovation activity regulation I.F. Lyapin The problem of decentralisation of state power through the prism of decisions of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation I.V. Mikheeva, A.S. Loginova Prohibitions of the closed administrative-territorial entity admission regime: «offences and penalties» in the practice of rulemaking A.V. Ivashkina On the question of the classification of administrative coercive measures A.K. Gadzhiyev Regional boards of federal organs of the executive authority: topical issues of legal status I.V. Pantyuhina The role of a combination of minor age of the subject and the victim in sexual crimes A.M. Shirokov On the issue of system of circumstances subject to a proof, concerning cases of infliction of property damage under false pretence and misuse of confidence in the scope of housing and communal services N.L. Nazarova, O.D. Semenchenko Legal qualification of the activity of financial pyramids in criminal law A.I. Enders Problem of adaptation of law-enforcement structure to a modern level of development of criminal methodology I.P. Kozhokar’ On the issue of the need to study defects of the civil regulation mechanism T.S. Kovalenko A new approach to the formation of the model support of the judiciary G.A. Azornov The objects of the pledge in the theory of Russian civil law and legislation of the 18th—early 20th centuries A.S. Oleksenko Different confessions’ peaceful coexistence in the USSR territory in the period of atheistic propaganda aggravation