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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 3. 294 p.
A.A. Gippius, S.A. Kabatov, Ye.A. Kabatova Relics of epigraphy of Kostroma Povolzhye of the 13th—14th centuries M.V. Novikov, T.B. Perfilova Linguistic aspect paradigm is the conceptual basis for the early stage of anthropological studies of Fyodor Buslaev V.V. Dzyuban, O.A. Matyhina On the activity Oryol Orthodox Brotherhood named after saints Peter and Paul on the use of icons in the Russian national environment and Orthodox sacred images (late 19th—early 20th centuries) I.P. Zadereychuk The religious life of the Germans in Crimea in the 19th—early 20th century K.V. Lazarev The definition of the concept «military upbringing» by military theorists at the turn of the 20th century A.I. Gromova The ideal of beauty in the Russian women’s magazines in the early 20th century: changes in the female body control patterns O.N. Lekontsev Forfeiture of rich peasants’ estate in the late 1920s—early 1930s (in terms of Kirov Region and Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Republic) Ye.A. Buluchevskaya Russian cultural emigration to Italy (1918—1939): the question of statistics and classification A.A. Mikulyonok Causes and peculiarities of Russian emigration to Poland in the first part of the 1920s Ye.F. Tomina The history of the development of primary vocational education in Orenburg Region in the period 1951—1952 S.N. Golikova Reaction of the German public to Thilo Sarrazin’s book «Germany Abolishes Itself» S.S. Chistyakov, T.L. Belkina Evolution of early Shaivism A.B. Pichugin Beekeeping and agriculture of the Volga Bulgaria as a result of the cross-cultural relations in the region
M.Yu. Ignat’yeva Relationship between poetry and prose by Saint John of the Cross A.V. Korovin Romantic Short Stories and the Beginning of the Detective Prose in Denmark V.V. Korolyova Hoffmann’s layer of «alien words» in the novel of Andrei Bely «Petersburg» G.A. Veligorskiy Image of Pan in the creative work of Robert Louis Stivenson and Kenneth Grahame A.Yu. Lebedev Creative work and style of «Liverpool Poets» T.M. Denisova German short story on the turn of the 20th—21st centuries. New figures: Nadja Einzmann S.L. Strashnov Communicative practices in modern literature V.V. Ivanov Feeble-minded hero in spiritual types’ dialogue M.V. Dubinskaya George Sand and Fyodor Dostoyevsky: on the issue of common characteristics of a «feeble-minded hero» N.N. Smirnova Poetry revelation in Lev Shestov’s creative work (Alexander Pushkin’s images: contexts, interpretations) O.B. Kustova Childish archetype expressed in comparisons of the voyage diary of Ivan Goncharov «Frigate “Pallada”» Ye.V. Kotel’nikova Ethnographic feature articles by Alexei Potekhin A.S. Antipina Arkhangelsk in travel diaries: variants of author’s perception of landscape S.Yu. Chvertko Chronotop peculiarities in Fin de siècle «horrific» novellas A.A. Kryukov The problem of the creative identity of young Russian émigré literature: «The Deception» by Yuriy Fel’tsen and «Mary» by Vladimir Nabokov A.S. Vinogradov Auditory images specifics in collection of poetry «Twin in the Stormclouds» by Boris Pasternak (1913) O.Ye. Reinbakh Manuscript of «The Horseshoe Finder» by Osip Mandelstam and the work’s publications in periodicals: excursus to the text’s history T.N. Khriptulova Colour poetics in Nikolay Tryapkin’s poetry Vũ Thương Lĩnh Perception of Alexander Pushkin’s work in Vietnam: the problem of translation and study of prose
Ye.N. Yermakova, M.V. Prokopova Transformation of phraseological units in the language of mass media: linguocreative potential of the language of a sports commentator V.N. Babayan, S.L’. Kruglova Main classifications of dialogues and dialogical utterances I.V. Lebedeva Representation rate of words with root зыб- in dialect dictionaries I.B. Kachinskaya Terms of kinship by marriage in Arkhangelsk patois: daughter-in-law Ye.Z. Kireyeva An official document author’s notions of the addressee (on material of regional legislation) M.V. Katynskaya Image as a prototype category V.A. Kryzhanovskaya Modern ergonymics: main methods of graphic game D.M. Dreyeva, B.A. Bidzhelova Ellipsis in the aspect of literary translation (on the material of poetic works by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and their translations into Russian and Ossetian) N.V. Arnova Analysis and interpretation of melodic speech parameters of speakers in introducing a new product (based on oral presentations of American entrepreneurs Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg) M.M. Kaplina, S.A. Zhezlova On the historic and cultural development of the French-German contacts Ye.N. Makarova Phrasal accent in Spanish and peculiar features of its realisation N.A. Pereverzeva Some peculiarities of metaphoric and metonymic hyphenation in the German language T.M. Belova Author’s individual metaphor as a model of reality understanding (on the material of poem «Congo» by Léopold Sédar Senghor) E.E. Sviridova Constructed languages in Stefano Benni’s works (the novel «Stranalandia» and the short story «Il marziano inamorato» of the collection «Il bar sotto il mare»)
I.G. Veselov, S.A. Komarov Technologies of legal monitoring in legislative activity of the State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russia T.S. Kovalenko Department of justice: old problems – new approaches L.A. Siverskaya, N.A. Smirnova Crime report: terminology and the concept of procedural content V.V. Pavlyukov Legal and practical possibility of combining data in information retrieval system of the interior ministry of the Russian Federation with information from the Internet V.A. Demidyuk The analysis of the categories «essentiality» and «mental suffering», as applied by the courts when considering cases about compensation of moral harm M.V. Dedyuyeva Resolution of disputes relating to the application of the Federal Law of 28 February 1998 # 52-ФЗ by the courts Aleksey A. Grigorov Ways of self-defense in a family law T.N. Martynova, O.V. Sgibneva Guarantee and compensation payments to employees in labour law of the Russian Federation: the problems of terminology S.M. Vorob’yov, A.A. Orlova Comparative legal analysis of the norms of the rehabilitation institute of criminal procedural law and other regulations governing the rehabilitation of victims of political repressions O.N. Artyushina, O.A. Lyalyushkina Selected questions concerning perception of constitutional values and their system M.A. Ignatov, Ye.M. Yefremov The correlation of business risk and standards of good faith in the issue of bringing to responsibility of the management bodies in the Russian and English company law V.V. Yolkina The issue of territorial bodies of the Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation V.G. Andreyeva Issues of legal linguistic assessment in action for extremism and inciting hostility E.E. Akhverdiyev The Theory of Caliphate as a Muslim form of government S.S. Sannikova The international law influence on administrative law mechanism of food security assurance
Yu.V. Lebedev Of «positively beautiful man» in the novel «The Idiot» by Fyodor Dostoyevsky