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Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma state university. 2016. Vol. 22. № 1. 230 p.
V.V. Mitrofanov «...I request you to render your possible assistance to us»: Nikolay Shamonin’s letters to Sergey Platonov O.A. Matyuhina, V.V. Dzyuban Some areas of work with youth on the part of Russian Orthodox clergy in the late 19th—early 20th centuries (in terms of Oryol Province) Ye.S. Roslyakov The key aspects of perception of metropolitan Antony (Khrapovitsky) by the representatives of Russian religious intellectuals in the early 20th century D.A. Volkov Kostroma police in the Tsarist Russia from police creation to 1917 (a brief sketch) A.M. Belov, I.N. Suloyev Rural gathering under conditions of the Russian Revolution of 1905 (based on Kostroma and Yaroslavl provinces’ material) Ye.D. Makeyeva The formation of the system of public administration and environment protection in Russia from 1917 to the 1920s M.V. Yermushin, G.V. Belyayev Soviet policy on foreign engineers’ emoluments in the 1920s S.A. Piskunov The practice of the intraregional migration in the RSFSR from the second half of 1940s till 1980 D.I. Nikitin “There is the pipe for you, Adenauer”: history of the preterm launch of the tube-rolling mill “1020” in Chelyabinsk A.A. Berezin Expedition of special purpose underwater works in service to humanitarian sciences of the USSR A.A. Mikulyonok The problem getting a higher education by the Russian emigrants in Poland in 1920—1930s Ye.A. Kochukova Features of ethnic classification of peoples in the PRC (based on Fei Xiaotong’s works)
E.R. Tulup Heroic batalism of John Barbour (on the material of Scottish poetry of the 13th—15th centuries) M.V. Dubinskaya Three steps of Alain-Fournier to the spiritual realism in the three variants of the title of the novel “Le Grand Meaulnes” N.S. Naydyonova Narrative space in African novels written in French and Spanish: linguistic and stylistic aspect A.S. Basenko The genre of dramatic true stories written by Nikolai Polevoy V.V. Ivanov The poetics of the poem by Alexander Pushkin “The Prophet”: on the power-structural theory of the genres Yu.V. Lebedev The comedy “Money to Burn” by Alexander Ostrovsky in the 1880s—90s literary process N.G. Koptelova “Masculinity Vs Femininity” antithesis in 1890–1910 literary criticism and journalism by Dmitry Merezhkovsky Ye.Yu. Kulikova On Nikolay Gumilyov’s “mysterious ancestral home” (“Stockholm”, “Sweden”, “The Tram That Lost Its Way”) N.V. Dzutseva, Nguyen Thi Thuong The role of name semantics in the short story «Natalie» by Ivan Bunin A.V. Safronov Free man from the «Cancer Ward» (image Maxim Chaly in the novel by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) V.A. Sokolova The Later Poetry of Irina Knorring (Using as an example the poem «It is dark. No street lamp shine a light...») T.N. Khriptulova “Dossier of a candidate who failed to receive State Prize of the USSR in 1987”. Nikolay Tryapkin’s archive in Russian State Archive of Literature and Art A.A. Alekseyeva Revisiting of peculiarities of poetics lyrical cyclus «Commemoration Book» by Aleksandr Shiryayevets
A.A. Burykin Was Architect Kuz’mishche of Kiev the author “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign’’? A.V. Blohin Productive derivational model of suffixal nouns with abstract and collective meanings in business content birch bark manuscripts of Veliky Novgorod of 12th—14th centuries N.S. Gantsovskaya Dialect texts as depository of vocabulary treasure house (on the material of Kostroma patois reading books) Yu.A. Vasil’yeva Interpretation of ethnic and cultural components in urban semiotic space (case study of Turkic ergonyms of Astrakhan) A.M. Dundukova On the transformation of paradigmatic and syntagmatic word connections in a folklore text (on the basis of lexemes referring to the realm of nature) A.E. Pavlova Phraseological units as means of paradoxality expressing in the short story “Love” by Yury Olesha A.V. Velichko Structural-semantic and communicative analysis of sentences with idioms meaning uniquenature and multiplicity L.S. Nagradova Peculiarities of phraseological representation of the concept “Profit, calculation” in plays by Alexander Ostrovsky Ye.E. Pchelintseva Polish verbal noun: dictionary and corpus data Ye.V. Sidorov, A.A. Smerchinskaya Subjective motives in the semantic organisation of discourse and the sign coordination of communicants’ activities Ye.I. Shadzhanova Тhe evolution of the semantics of the concept of DEATH within the cognitive level of linguistic personality of Viktor Tsoi
L.A. Siverskaya, S.B. Konardov On the question of classification of violations by officials of law enforcement agencies upon receipt of a message about crime O.A. Teterina On the question of prosecutor’s powers R.N. Tutov Some problems of search for missing persons by police units of Lugansk volunteer corps Ya.V. Beznosova Special aspects of statutory regulation of the loan agreement according to Ancient Indian dharmasastras V.V. Puzhayev Criticism of dogmatic formalism and the legal doctrine of François Gény Yu.K. Volkonskiy Modern characteristics of the legal framework for political and legal relationship between the individual and the state in the Russian Federation Ye.A. Zlobina Constitutional and legal criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the public authorities D.S. Milinchuk Conflicts of law as the interbranch institution of the system of Russian law D.S. Hizhnyak Categories of information and data as methodologically relevant formats of knowledge for modelling transnational crime detection process V.A. Demidyuk Analysis of the legal nature of invalid transactions S.N. Maksimov On the question of qualification requirements to employees of administrations of plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts
L.A. Klimkova All breathes of Russ, the Russ of old