Yulia V. Shevchuk
A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Sense of time in A. Akhmatova’s lyrics in the second half of the 1910s.
Shevchuk Y.V. Sense of time in A. Akhmatova’s lyrics in the second half of the 1910s. Vestnik of Kostroma State University, 2022, vol. 28, № 2, pp. 126–134 (In Russ.). https://doi.org/10.34216/1998-0817-2022-28-2-126-134
DOI: https://doi.org/10.34216/1998-0817-2022-28-2-126-134
УДК: 821.161.1.09"20"
Publish date: 2022-05-24
Annotation: Anna Akhmatova believed that the category of time is more complicated than space. She entered Russian poetry as the author of works about love and the tragic history of Russia in the first half of the 20th century. This article deals with the fact that a view of the events of history and culture in the poet's work is gradually formed on the basis of the heroine’s lyrical experiences, summarised by the concept of a sense of time. Forms of contact between the lyrical “I” and the outside world in Anna Akhmatova’s lyrics of the second half of the 1910s considered in connection with the ideas about time and space inherent in traditional metaphors (“time is coming”, “time is flowing”, “time is flying”). Key images of the house, St. Petersburg-Petrograd, rivers, birds and motifs of homelessness, the course of time, flight are investigated. The problem of detailing urban space is being solved. The temporal and spatial organisation of individual poems is analysed: “White House”; “Was my blessed cradle...”; “Having left the groves of the homeland sacred...”; “How I love, how I loved to look...” etc. A sense of time and fate are experiences that set the stage for the tragedy of Anna Akhmatova’s lyrics of later periods of creative work.
Keywords: Anna Akhmatova, lyrics, lyrical experience of time, sense of time, detailing of space, traditional metaphors
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Author's info: Yulia V. Shevchuk, Doctor of Philological Sciences, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, julyshevchuk@yandex.ru, https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3784-2100