Lyudmila Ye. Saburova
Russian State University for the Humanities; Gorky Institute of World Literature of Russian Academy of Sciences
Tommaso Landolfi and Eugenio Montale on the way to the game (based on autobiographical prose)
Saburova L.Ye. Tommaso Landolfi and Eugenio Montale on the way to the game (based on autobiographical prose). Vestnik of Kostroma State University, 2020, vol. 26, № 2, pp. 185-190 (In Russ.). DOI 10.34216/1998-0817-2020-26-2-185-190
DOI: 10.34216/1998-0817-2020-26-2-185-190
УДК: 821(4).09”20”
Publish date: 2020-02-02
Annotation: In the autobiographical prose of Eugenio Montale and Tommaso Landolfi, the theme of travel plays a significant role. The development and refraction of this theme is directly related to the concept of home, which is different for these writers. Tommaso Landolfi, leading the life of a hermit in a small provincial town, seeks to travel to large centres full of social life. Eugenio Montale, who was less attached to the family nest, in the latter part of his life lives in Milan. Tired of the burden of fame and the noise of the big city, he sets off for quiet secluded places unlike Italy, where he can finally rest. In the works of both writers, travel is closely related to the theme of the game. Tommaso Landolfi, who sees the meaning of human life in the game, combines his travels with "forays into gambling", that is, to the casino. Roulette becomes an opportunity for him to communicate with a higher power, to receive answers to existential questions that torment him. Eugenio Montale travels in disguise, changing masks. In his imaginary game world, he animates objects and makes friends with them. For both writers in their travel, a special role is played by inscriptions and signs, which are perceived by them as secret messages.
Keywords: travel, theme of game, concept of home, Eugenio Montale, Tommaso Landolfi, autobiographical prose, "autofiction".
Literature list: Dostoevskij F.M. Prestuplenie i nakazanie [Crime and Punishment]. Moscow, Nauka Publ., 1970, 808 p. (In Russ.) Landol'fi T. Pivo rybaka, ili grob greshnika; per. s ital. L.E. Saburovoj [The beer of the fisherman or the bier of the sinner; translated by L.E. Saburova]. Moscow, Reka vremen Publ., 2013, 168 p. (In Russ.) Montale Je. Dinarskaja babochka; per. s ital. E.M. Solonovicha [The butterfly of Dinard; translated by E.M. Solonovich]. Moscow, Reka vremen Publ., 2010, 248 p. (In Russ.)
Author's info: Lyudmila Ye. Saburova, ORCID 0000-0001-7635-6060, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia; Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. E-mail: mila.saburova@gmail.com